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From the team at Universal Web Design

Exceeding your client’s expectations is the most effective way to develop your video production company.

Pleased clients become regular customers so placing that extra effort into all client work pays dividends in the long run. By producing new videos for clients, you are also spreading the word of your services.

Preparation and planning are key to all successful video production projects.

The Video Plan

A video plan should be a complete blue print for your video production. This should explain perceptible and acoustic elements of your production. All great projects are completed successfully by following a plan of action. The scripting, production and editing of your video will be the primary components entailed within the video production.

It’s important to clarify the length of the video in the plan. This enables you to make smart decisions on what you need to produce for your captive audience. Promotional videos should ideally last between 1 – 8 minutes. It’s essential that your video engages your audience through concise messages.

Target Audience

Essentially your marketing video will be designed and created for your audience. In the plan its paramount that everyone involved is fully aware of the target audience. To maximise the success of your video you need to consider the visual effects, audio, commentary, messages and length of your video as these will all need to be tailored for the target audience.

Call To Action Points

What do you want the audience to do once they have seen your video? You need to direct users through Call To Action Points throughout the video. This can be achieved effectively through the use of words such as “Click The Link Below For Further Information”, “ Call This Number Now”, Order Your Free Guide On Effective Video Production Here” etc.


Plan where you want to distribute your video. Do you want to use it specifically at trade events? Do you want to give potential customers a hard copy of your video? Is your video predominantly used for web-based purposes? These are all important considerations since a video production will need to be optimised throughout for full effect for online use.

Learn From The Best

Look at TV adverts and other video productions within your industry. Look at what they are doing, where they are promoting and what key messages they convey. The trick is to extract the best features then analyse other areas that you could improve the video.

A word of warning though, don’t infringe copyright laws by copying a competitor. It’s important to create a unique video, however, look at other videos for ideas.

A Cheaper Option

Video Production is incredibly powerful and should pay for itself ten fold. However, there is no doubt that many businesses quite simply are unable to invest the amount required for a professional video production. An alternative that is also very effective is video creation through using still images. Modern technologies and editing software enables video production companies to use special effects and simple zoom and panning features to make your images play like a picture movie.


High quality visuals are achieved through close-ups of people, objects or nature. In some cases the lens of a high quality video camera can create a more impressive visual than the real thing. It’s bizarre, but the overall effect can captivate your audience.


Your video comes alive once you use an advanced video-editing suite. It’s quite astonishing what can be achieved with the content you have recorded. You can make a video look like the video was filmed in the 1920s, add text and audio, zoom in and out, slow down or speed up, incorporate graphical designs and so much more.

Special Effects

All additional effects and video manipulation takes time, in turn the video production will require a larger investment. It’s important to strike a balance between creating a work of art and producing a video that fulfils the requirements. You don’t want to display and promote a shabby video, at the same time you don’t need to compete with Stephen Spielberg.


Video is still a rather new technology online and many businesses are still without an online video presence. The press and other forms of media would be happy to promote your new video. At the end of the day, they do publish the news.

I hope that this article is beneficial to both video producers and potential customers. There is no doubt of how powerful video is, everyone loves to watch. But more importantly I hope that you make good use of these tips and always remember to exceed a client’s expectation.