3 Types Of Websites

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Website

Which Website Type Is Right For My Business?

In the grand scheme of things, there are many different types of websites you can have. However, the 3 go-to types are as follows; Blog site, E-Commerce site, and Brochure site. 

Each of these has a very different function, but by ensuring you have selected the best type for your industry will certainly allow it to perform best. 

Blog Site –  This is a short version of a website and tends to be smaller and more concise. It is best used by itself if your business is built around information and advice. 

E-Commerce Site – This website is best used for a business who is selling items and products. It can be anything from computers to clothes and anything in between. 

Brochure Site – This type of site gives your site an online presence and acts as an online business card. These types of sites convey credibility to your customers and provide’s them with valuable information such as your contact details, opening times and company history. 

Whilst the list of website types go on, these are the 3 most common in regards to overall functionality. Universal Web Design is able to design and build your website as well as becoming your online marketing department. 

With a large list of website types to choose from, we can guarantee that whatever industry you are in, we can build the best site for you. When designing a website, Universal keeps the user in mind; consistency and professionalism are paramount.

All websites go through rigorous usability and cross-browsers analysis, as well as functionality testing. Our processes ensure that your site performs at it’s best to allow you the highest return on investment. 

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