5 Creative Video Editing Tools

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Unassigned

There are various video editing tools available online but many are overlooked by larger, well known brand names. There are various video editing options available online for creatives but it’s not always easy to find those sites. Because of this, we created a list of 5 great video creation and editing tools.

Video creation is an art and to make an awesome video you will need variety and creativity. Below we have compiled a list of 5 great video creation, editing and management tools that will help you create something truly amazing. Best of all, most of these tools are free to use and accessible from anywhere in the world.


This is one of the most popular tools for two primary reasons. First of all, it’s a free tool and easily accessible from any location. Animoto also provides you with a number of themes that could be used to create a number short videos. The production quality of Animoto is brilliant and great for commercial projects. There is one drawback to using this tool and that is the Animoto credentials are displayed at the end of each video. It’s understandable that this is the case due to the service being a free offering, however it can cause issues if you were to use the tool for client projects. If you opt to pay for the un-branded version, the end of video credentials will be removed.


This is arguably the easiest free tool for online video creation. As you can see from their website, creating videos is as easy as – Mix, Mash and Share. On Masher you can use clips from videos, add music and add as much creativity as you like. Once the video is created, you can share it on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.


Create fun and interesting videos with GoAnimate. You’re not limited to using themes, you can also select characters you wish to use for your brand topic. This tool is a favoured by many online as you have full access to edit videos once you upgrade your account. This amazing tool contains various tools and options that are only available with paid accounts on other platforms.

Zimmer Twins

This is quite similar to GoAnimate but it’s easier to use with less advanced options. The platform is best suited to kids that want learn how to create funny videos. You will see multiple examples of the what you can create on the home page and will soon understand that this may not be best suited for your business, however dependant on your target audience, this platform could be better suited than the other options listed.

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