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5 Essential eCommerce Tips

Below we have listed and expanded upon the 5 essential eCommerce tips for improved conversion rates through your website. Enjoy and we hope this article is of benefit to you.

Page Load Time

Consumers are increasingly impatient. Customers do not have time to wait for your website and products to load. The term; ‘You snooze, You lose’ could not apply more than to this point.

If you are conscious of your website load time, or you would simply like us to run a free test, just respond to this email and a report will be back to you within 48 hours.

For instance, experienced a 2% conversion increase for every 1 second saved on page loading times.

The Checkout Process

Too often, the check-out process is what lets an online store down most. Businesses often focus all their attention on great looking images and decreased prices, when it was actually the check-out process within their website which was letting them down.

We advise all eCommerce clients to test their own check-out process every month and to report any issues back to our developers at Universal Web Design.

Alternatively, businesses are welcome to employ our conversion rate optimisation services for £240 per month which assesses and improves all such processes on a constant basis.


If your website does not work on mobile, you are losing sales. All websites built by Universal Web Design are responsive and in most instances, your website will perform effectively on all devices. If however you receive a lot of traffic through mobile devices, (which we can identify for free for you), it is suggested that a dedicated mobile website is built.

A dedicated mobile website enables us to tailor all aspects of the website and overall user experience to mobile devices. This will not only enhance your search rankings, but also conversion rates. Furthermore, we can strip any unnecessary code or functionality from your desktop website, to improve load times when using a mobile device.

Payment Options

Whilst PayPal is typically more expensive than other payment gateways, it is undoubtedly the most trusted. Subsequently, we advise all businesses to use PayPal as this tends to increase conversion rates considerably.

Remember, whilst another payment gateway might be more convenient for you. It is the convenience of your customers we are targeting when looking to improve online sales.

Remove risk to your customers by using trusted payment providers.

Product Options

We often see businesses list a product with multiple variations and options, as one product. Consequently, customers view the product and can see that multiple colours and or sizes are available, yet the business has only provided one payment option with a complicated order process below.

We often see something along the lines of:

“Please send us the size and colour of the product you wish to order by sending an email following your purchase.”

This is lazy and only of benefit to the seller. Such issues make it almost impossible to sell items through a website as customers lose confidence in your business and grow in frustration over the complexity of your ordering process.

There is money in keeping it clear and simple. Do not over-complicate processes, make it quick and easy for customers to buy and enjoy more sales through your website.

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog post ‘5 Essential eCommerce Tips’, we would be grateful if you could like and share this post. Please note that the team at Universal Web Design are here to help when you need us >> 01206 588 000.