5 Great Online Marketing Tools

by | May 21, 2013 | Unassigned

All business owners know that it takes time and dedication to build a successful brand online. Even businesses such as Facebook took a few years to really establish themselves, yet there are start up companies expecting global glory in only a matter of weeks. Unfortunately business in general does not work this way. The internet is a great platform to embrace and boost your online presence although it will take time for natural success.

Today I want to share a few tools within online marketing which should help businesses understand what tools are available and how to enhance their online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics continues to lead the way in measuring a websites overall online performance. Google Analytics is a free tool that’s great for tracking and measuring website activity. Google Analytics enables you to monitor; page views, monthly visitors, page visits, time spent on each page, demographics, keyword insights and much more. There is an abundance of business owners that do not have a clue whether their website is performing correctly. Google Analytics is accessible from any location in the world and once it is installed you are in control of your overall online performance.

Google Analytics also enables you to track and measure social media traffic. This is another option to measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns.


There are various opportunities to advertise your business online at very little cost. I always recommend that business owners do their homework before advertising online. If you make the mistake in setting up your campaigns incorrectly as most businesses do, then you could waste a bucket load of money online. An online marketing agency should be able to provide cost effective advert management services and this will minimise any wasted budget. 

Search engines, websites, social media sites, YouTube and blogs are all great opportunities where you can advertise your business cost effectively. It will take time and testing is required to develop a successful online marketing campaign. Once you have mastered a successful process, you will reap the rewards. My advice is to always focus on generating quality traffic. Thousands of visitors rarely equates to thousands of sales.


Search engine optimisation is an essential aspect of online marketing. A powerful online presence will ensure that your website works for you. It takes time, money and dedication to develop a dominating online presence, Once your website is authoritative, you should find that your advertising costs will come down. The reason for this is because advertising platforms want to send their users to quality websites.

Consumers also have an assumption that a website that ranks top on Google must be the best business. We are all aware that this is far from the truth, however to attempt millions to think otherwise is not even worthwhile considering. Humans are lazy and most will not dig further than the first page before clicking on one of the results.

Search Engine Optimisation is also one of the only ways to generate natural traffic to your website for free, hence all the hype over a first page ranking.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is yet another free online marketing tool where you can market your business to millions 24 hours each day at no cost. There is simply no other system that offers free marketing to such a broad target audience. The key to social media success is building the right audience. Once again this will take time. Time that most business owners are unwilling to invest. It’s only the top 10% of businesses that incorporate all forms of online marketing that cash in from our giant friend – the internet. Always remember, only expect to get out, what you put in!

Keyword Tracking

Tracking where you rank for certain keywords is a must for all business owners. If you’re not tracking your websites ranking for a selection of keywords, then quite simply, you’re wasting your time. Keyword tracking is one of the best ways to measure how successful your overall efforts are. I would suggest that sales is the best metric to follow, however you will spend many months in the trenches with very few sales to asses, hence the requirement of a keyword tracking tool to measure your overall online developments until sales come flooding in.


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