7 Reasons To Use WordPress

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Unassigned

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As Your Preferred Content Management System

As you surf the web you will see WordPress is the preferred content management system.  Industry leaders, start-ups and global business all use this powerful content management system (CMS) to maintain their websites and below we have listed seven reasons why they and you should use it:

1.     WordPress The Most Popular CMS In The World

Around 22% of all websites are created with WordPress, totaling around 60 million users worldwide. In practice, this means WordPress is a very mature and a well established platform. Unlike paid for content management systems WordPress is open source, this means the worlds best talent is able to design and develop the platform to benefit everyone that uses it. Subsequently such developments led to there being a rush of plugins into the market and these enable you to develop the website far easier than producing raw code. Whilst amateur web developers can install and setup a WordPress website you are unlikely to utilise all features available unless you a point a web design agency.

2.     WordPress Is Open Source

What makes WordPress unique is it’s ability to become the most advanced yet easy to use platform in the world, yet there is no proprietor raking in profits from is largely a community effort. Being open source developers from any corner of the globe can access and work on your website, furthermore various market places enable developers to produce free as well as paid for WordPress themes and plugins. Such technology has led to WordPress being the content management system of choice from bloggers and website developers. Unlike the WordPress open source, free to use philosophy there are paid for content management systems however these are not only more limiting in what they can do but also expensive to rent on a monthly basis and since there are less developers to choose from you tend to pay almost twice the price for website developments.

3.     WordPress Is User-Friendly

Once your website is launched and dependent on the agency, you should have full access to your WordPress website content management system. Once logged in you will see how powerful yet easy to use this fascinating system truly is. Uploading text, images or multimedia is very simple and can be done within just a few of clicks. One user is far from the limit with WordPress, in fact you can appoint employees with unique levels of access to your website. Furthermore you can add hundreds of users at no additional cost.

4.     Content Management Systems Save Time and Money

WordPress is accessible through any device provided there is internet access. In most instances there will be no need to call upon your web developer for simple alterations as those can be made easily by any member of staff. Instant access to the websites back end is provided through the correct username and password. Whilst simple amendments can be made in house it is advised you contact your web design agency to fulfill more complex tasks.

5.     Global Brands Use WordPress

Reliability and simplicity of the WordPress platform entice even the largest companies. Organisations include Fortune 100 companies such as CNN and Forbes, as well as national governments and international institutions. As you can see WordPress is the preferred platform for businesses and individuals of all size from any location.

6.     Search Engines Love WordPress

The quantity of online traffic any website receives largely depends on its ranking within the major search engines such as Google or Bing. Content management platforms such as WordPress are widely used and subsequent the code being recognised search engines crawl through your site with ease. Furthermore WordPress is designed in such a way there is less work for the web developer or SEO specialist to make the site search friendly. Everyone wins.

7.     WordPress Is Constantly Improving

As a community-based platform WordPress is evolving from year to year. Initial concerns regarding safety and stability were instantly addressed regular developments and advanced defence mechanisms. It’s fair to suggest WordPres is now one of the safest content management systems. The most recent WordPress version incorporates automatic updates and this prevents any risk of malfunctioning code which in turn reduces any potential issues significantly.

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