Universal Web Design is a leading and award winning digital marketing company based in Colchester, Essex.

Universal Web Design works with over 250 businesses and is looking to reach 365 clients by November 2017 and 1,000 by November 2020. Our quest is simple, to help business cost effectively compete online and to succeed through the services we offer.

Subsequently, we are looking to work with hard working, driven and motivated individuals who are well organised and work effectively within a friendly and loyal team. If you love to make those who work around you and customers happy, you have come to the right place. This combined with a passion for and expertise in digital marketing will ensure you become an asset to this company and a leader in the industry.

Web Developer
To become a web developer at Universal Web Design, you need to have a great eye for detail. All of the small aspects can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a website and it is essential that every website you build, regardless of budget, makes others talk about it for all of the good reasons. Being a web developer is a huge responsibility as it is you who will be creating outstanding websites that represent other people’s businesses. Companies who are relying on you to make them look great and present their all important messages quickly and effectively online. With a client base of 250 customers, no week is the same as one minute you could be working on an advanced estate agency website to a basic brochure site. Regardless of company size, every customer has to be well treated and looked after. Providing a satisfactory service is not what we want you to achieve, but raving fans who will tell others how great you are and keep coming back for further website developments and marketing services.
Content Writer
As anyone with experience in digital marketing will know and agree, content is king. This is why it is of great importance that all website owners have great content throughout their website. Copying and pasting other people’s content is not only illegal, unethical and lazy, you will also struggle online due to being penalised by search engines as a consequence of breach of copyright. Killer content is hard to come by and this is why we are constantly looking for high-quality, well experienced corporate writers to join our team. Businesses often struggle to sell through words and this is due to a lack of experience in sales and marketing which is where you need to help businesses most. Many companies offer great products and services, but very few know how to communicate the benefits. After all, features tell and benefits sell. If you have a way with words, you are creative and welcome feedback from clients with open arms, then you could be a great writer here at Universal Web Design.
SEO & PPC Expert
At Universal Web Design, we specialise in being able to and proving how to dominate the search rankings within search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are constantly growing our portfolio of SEO & PPC clients, subsequently, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who love to try, test and measure until ultimate success is achieved. The internet is an ever more competitive space which offers incredible rewards for those who excel in this area, subsequently, you will need to demonstrate a proven track record in this area upon applying for a position at our company. We only want those who are hungry to succeed, excited and driven to dominate the search results and passionate about achieving incredible results for businesses. If you are hungry for success and want to help our and other companies climb to the top of various search results, then please apply, however, ensure to provide evidence of your success, examples of your work, the strategies and processes you implement as well as an explanation as to how you overcome competitors.

Testimonials are also essential.

Social Media Specialist
At Universal Web Design, we want the best candidates to join our team. As a company, we want to grow and shine for being the best at what we do in all areas of the business and this is only possible by driven, hard working, loyal and ambitious team members joining us on this quest for excellence. Our client base is always growing, hence the need to constantly recruit for new high-quality talent. If you have excellent knowledge and experience in social media management and have a proven track record of growing the number of followers an account has, increasing engagement, can prove your ability of driving traffic towards websites and responding the customer messages quickly, then social media management at Universal Web Design could be for you. Finding new customers is not only challenging but also very costly for any business, hence our desire and need for outstanding team members who love, cherish, support and produce great results for clients every step of the way from day one of working with them. If you are up for the challenge and want to become a leading industry specialist in this area, then please do apply as we are constantly in search of excellence.