Founder & Managing Director

Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill

At just 11 years of age, Danny Nevill entered the business world. His entrance saw him buying sunglasses from the USA and selling those at school for a healthy 466% profit. It was at this point, that Danny first displayed his entrepreneurial flair.

Selling sunglasses proved a great success and that was just the beginning. Danny, moved into selling watches, jewelry and confectionary.

Already a talented golfer, he saw an opportunity to buy and sell golfing equipment. The larger margins were irresistible. Danny utilised eBay to full effect, which at that time, was not attractive to middle-aged golfers to waste time, listing and posting items.

At age 13 Danny decided to create his first website. Not wanting to be at the peril of eBay, he took control by expanding his online presence.


Danny Nevill won the Young Colchester Youth Awards in 2011 for his achievements in business. Danny and his businesses were assessed based upon; telephone interviews, face to face interviews, personal and business recommendations, business growth, profits and forecasts, past 3 years of company accounts, personal accounts, assets, and achievements.


Having won the 2011 Colchester Youth Awards, Danny was nominated by Chelmsford Weekly News and Braintree & Witham Times for the Young Entrepreneur of The Year awards in 2013. The process was very similar to the Colchester Youth Awards, with the awards evening being just as glamorous and exciting to win.