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Terms & Conditions

Universal Web Design provides cost effective design and marketing services. To ensure its fees remain competitive, it is essential that all clients are aware of our Terms & Conditions which are displayed online for your convenience. By engaging the services of Universal Web Design, you automatically accept all of the terms and conditions as stated below. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Universal Web Design team with any concerns or questions relating to the Terms & Conditions prior to employing our services. They are simply in place to ensure services are accessible and affordable to small and medium sized businesses.


  • Invoices will become due 21 days from the date of the invoice.  We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest at the rate of 8% plus the base rate of the Bank of England and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.
  • All and any amounts paid to Universal Web Design are non-refundable. If more than what is owed is paid to Universal Web Design, the balance will remain on your account as a credit, this can be used at any time for any service.

Acceptance of Services

  • Before any works are carried out on your behalf your approval to proceed is required. Payment of your deposit or initial invoice will be deemed to be your authorization to proceed if funds have been requested at this stage. If not, such approval must be given in written or verbal form – by email or in a letter – No work will commence until such time as we have received authorisation.


  • All our websites come with a 30-day guarantee.  After this period, and because our clients are given full access to all website files, we cannot accept responsibility if the website is hacked or goes down as we no longer have full control over how the website is used. The website software associated with the website, such as Word Press and Plug-Ins, becomes the property of you, the website owner, and it is your responsibility to ensure that such software is updated as may be necessary to ensure the continued smooth running of the website. We do offer management packages to cover any issues which may arise and the updating of software. Please ask a member of the team for further details if you are interested.


  • Our customer’s best interests are of paramount importance and will be borne in mind at all times.  However, we shall not be liable or responsible for any loss incurred including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of contract, damage to Company brand or image under any circumstances whatsoever whether as a result of the Customers’ website being down, social media updates, news articles, imagery, video, website, emails sent or any other service provided on your behalf or on behalf of the company.


  • Universal Web Design takes no responsibility for any website hosted on a server it does not manage or charge for. Once a website is hosted elsewhere, the 30-day guarantee is revoked immediately and any issues Universal Web Design is asked to attend to, are charged at £30 per hour.
  • All websites built or moved to Universal Web Design are to be hosted by Universal Web Design for a minimum term of 24 months. If you wish to cancel your website hosting or host your website elsewhere within this minimum term, you are required to settle the outstanding balance you owe, this total is calculated by multiplying the number hosting payments outstanding by the monthly hosting fee, in addition to a one-off transfer or cancellation fee.
  • Universal Web Design reserves the right to suspend your website and email accounts over any and all non-payments. It is your responsibility to ensure all invoices are paid on time. Universal Web Design will make every effort to resolve your non-payment problems, however, it is not their responsibility or liability to do so as this is you as the client responsibility.
  • Universal Web Design uses the services of the world’s leading providers when it comes to hosting as this is the safest and professional means of hosting business accounts. Subsequently, Universal Web Design cannot be held accountable and will accept no responsibility or liability of any kind for any issues you may experience, however, Universal Web Design will make every effort and attempt to resolve issues that may arise on your behalf. If the issue is caused by the hosting provider, there will be no charge applied to your account from Universal Web Design. If the issue was caused by you or it is diagnosed as a local issue however, then our standard hourly rate will apply.
  • All email accounts provided within a hosting package are provided on complimentary basis. Universal Web Design can advise you on premium email solutions should those be required.


  • Universal Web Design provides a 30-day guarantee to websites we have built from the date of completion provided access has not been taken by the client. At the point of providing website access, the client is taking ownership of their new website and at this point is obligated to full settlement of any existing and future invoices related to the project. For any tasks Universal Web Design is asked to carry out or attend to, a charge of £30 per hour is applied. At the point of access, the 30-day guarantee is immediately revoked because we cannot then be held responsible for any accidental or intentional damage to the website code and setup. Universal Web Design also takes no responsibility for any issues that may arise due to misuse, inexperience, limited expertise or any other reason.


  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to provide content for their website. We undertake to design and build the website and once this has been completed, our invoice for carrying out such works will be issued and due. This is regardless of whether website content has been published. This is to protect Universal Web Design from delays by the client in producing content. All clients will have access to their website to add content as and when they choose. Any such delays can be avoided through the content production services Universal Web Design offer.

Email Accounts

  • All email accounts come with 400mb of storage space, which is more than many leading hosting companies allocate. Leading hosting companies typically allocate between 100mb and 400mb per email account. This is to avoid resources becoming depleted. 400mb of space should be sufficient to store circa 80,000 text based emails. Emails containing images consume more space and it is recommended those files are saved then the email deleted soon after as this will increase space available within your email account. It is suggested to use websites such as WeTransfer or Mail Big File when sending large or a high volume of image files as this will not affect your email quota. It is possible to increase the quota of your email account, however, due to greater resources being allocated to your account, an additional monthly fee of £3 per 400mb is to be incurred.


  • Please note that all deposit payments are non-refundable. Such payments are a statement of intent to proceed and cover the cost of materials, software and initial set-up costs which will be incurred on your behalf as soon as your deposit is received. Please note that work will not commence on your project until such time as your deposit has been received by us as cleared funds. Payment of a deposit will be taken as your intention to proceed to completion of the work for which we are engaged and obligates you to make full payment once such work has been completed.


  • Ownership of a website or any work carried out is not transferred until full payment and all monies owed and or to be owed is paid in full to Universal Web Design Ltd. Even if a project is canceled or your website is taken offline due to non-payment, the total amount invoiced and or to be invoiced is still due in full.

Additional Work

  • As a fair, ethical and friendly company, we provide up to two hours work for any amendments you may require to your website design and build projects. This should provide sufficient time for us to implement most if not all alterations. As ours is a creative service with potentially endless personal preferences, the two-hour slot has to be strictly two hours and all additional developments and alterations are to be charged for at the standard hourly rate of £30. Please also note that all images, additional features, and functions to your website design and build are also charged at £30 per hour.


  • All services, most importantly website projects and website quoted for tasks come with a limit of two revision stages. Such alterations must be sent or confirmed via email to ensure a maximum of two periods for revisions is provided. Any revisions outside of these set periods will be classed as an oversight and will, therefore, be deemed as new tasks which will be quoted for and billed for accordingly upon your approval. This is to avoid unlimited revisions or an endless period or time frame to revise any works carried out.
  • Each revision time frame will come with a maximum of 7 days to respond at each period. This is to ensure invoices are not stalled or delayed by the client as an attempt to request further amendments to expand upon a delayed payment, resulting in losses to us as well as additional works which is even more costly to us as a company.

Credit Control / Administration Costs

    • Universal Web Design offers all clients the opportunity to save time and money with their bookkeeping costs by setting up a direct debit through Go Cardless. Setting up a direct debit also saves us time chasing for payment. Subsequently, it is best you setup your direct debit through this link –
    • If you choose not to setup a direct debit, you must ensure to make all payments on time. Non payment and or delayed payment of invoices cost the average small business c.£30,000 in unpaid fees. A huge loss that most small businesses cannot suffer which can often lead to cash flow issues and closure of a business, hence why Universal Web Design takes credit control so seriously.
    • An invoice is a legal document that must be adhered to in addition to the terms and conditions contained within. At Universal Web Design, we have no desire to profit from unpaid invoices, we should therefore also be at no loss. The UK Government advises businesses to charge 8.5% interest on all unpaid sums which will be applied to your invoices if payment is not made on time. Furthermore, it is also advised that business charge for their time and costs incurred for chasing debts. Subsequently, we charge incredibly low administration fees to simply cover our time and costs to remind you that payment is due. Such administration costs will only apply to those who do not pay their invoices on time which will be a very small proportion of our client base. The nominal charge is also designed to motivate bad payers to actually pay. Afterall, why would a bad payer pay without consequence. Avoiding any such costs is very quick and easy to do, simply setup a direct debit as almost all other clients have –
    • For your convenience, a list of such charges for our reminder service are listed below:


Courtesy Call£2
Courtesy Email£2
Courtesy Letter£5
Formal Letter£5
Solicitors Letter£50
Letter Before Action£50
Debt Recovery Agency£250 + Costs + Interest
Court Action£250 + Costs + Interest
High Court Enforcement£250 + Costs + Interest
  • If any invoice is overdue by more than 60 days, the following administration fees will apply in addition to those as itemised above and will automatically be added to the amount you owe Universal Web Design:


Amount of debtAdministration fee
Up to £100£25
£101 to £500£100
£501 – £1000£250
£1001 – £2500£500
£2501 – £5000£1,000

Legal Costs

  • All legal costs incurred by Universal Web Design for the purpose of defence or pursuit regardless of the verdict will be at your expense and due for payment with immediate effect.

Solicitors Fees

  • All solicitors fees incurred by Universal Web Design for the purpose of defence or pursuit regardless of the verdict will be at your expense and due for payment with immediate effect.

Creativity – Design

  • All website design and build projects come inclusive of two hours complimentary alterations. The allocation of two hours should provide sufficient time for us to implement most if not all alterations required to the website design. Due to website design and build services being a creative service with potentially endless personal preferences, the two hours allotted time for website developments and alterations is strictly two hours and all additional developments and alterations are to be charged at the standard hourly rate of £30.

Creativity – Functionality

  • Due to potential design and functionality limitations that may arise during a website design and build project, Universal Web Design excludes itself from any liability for such instances. It is of our greatest interest that all projects are completed and that all aspects raised within a project are completed, although, subsequent to endless potential issues with technological changes or possibilities, Universal Web Design cannot guarantee any aspect will be completed. As a reputable and highly regarded company, it makes every effort to overcome any challenge it is faced with and propose alternative solutions where possible or aim to source a work-around. If an instance were to occur in-house where a particular aspect of a project was not possible to fulfill, Universal Web Design will communicate with or provide contacts for developers who specialise in this area of website design and Development. It is the client who is liable for any such costs as it is out of our control how much is quoted or charged. Universal Web Design takes no responsibility or liability for introducing clients to other developers and will not accept any reduction in the overall project total, but will instead add two hours of free credit to your account for website developments as and when you require. All website alterations and developments which were not within the scope of the originally agreed project brief will be billed at our standard rate of £30 per hour.

Personal Preferences

  • All website alterations and developments which were not within the scope of the originally agreed project brief will be billed at our standard rate of £30 per hour. This will include additions or changes which alter the way the website functions but which were not originally specified and are personal preference rather than necessity.


  • The ownership of all design work carried out by Universal Web Design will always remain the ownership of Universal Web Design notwithstanding the fact the client has paid their invoice.
  • All websites are to contain and retain the ‘website design & built by Universal Web Design’ text in the footer of the website with a link back to the Universal Web Design website. Removal of this text is a breach of copyright and our terms and conditions. In the highly unlikely and unnecessary event you wish to have this removed, a £3,000 plus VAT fee is to be paid to Universal Web Design in full prior to removal. By not paying £3,000 plus VAT in advance of the Universal Web Design branding to be removed, you will, therefore, be in breach of our terms and conditions and consequently liable to pay a balance of £10,000 within 7 days to Universal Web Design.

Stage Payments

  • If a stage payment is overdue and unpaid, Universal Web Design reserves the right to charge the full contract value. You have up to seven days to pay the outstanding amount, otherwise legal action could be taken against you and your company.

Domain Names

  • Universal Web Design manages, updates and renews hundreds of domain names each month. An automated management system is in place to ensure all website addresses are renewed on time to avoid any potential downtime or loss of address. All domain renewal invoices are automated and are issued after our payment for your domain name has been made. To date the system and process have been flawless with no errors or issues, however, aspects of the process are out of the control of Universal Web Design and require the domain name broker to fulfill their part of the process. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for and not limited to any failure to renew the domain name or change in DNS settings. Please be assured that Universal Web Design’s core focus is customer service and delivering excellent value for money, subsequently, it is in the best interests of the company to ensure all processes such as domain renewals run smoothly, correctly and on-time. Domain name renewal is a service that Universal Web Design takes very seriously but must protect itself as a company due to not being wholly responsible or in control of all aspects.All domain name cancellations are to be given in writing, clearly stating the exact website addresses you wish to cancel. If no such confirmation is received, Universal Web Design will be unable to cancel the future renewals of your website address, resulting in you as the client, remaining liable for all domain name renewal fees.


  • All invoices are to be paid in full as cleared funds within a maximum of 14 days.
  • Any disputes are to be made in writing within 14 days of an invoice being issued with evidence and a supporting statement as to why you dispute the invoice. Any disputes beyond the 14-day term set will be dismissed from any consideration.

Debt Recovery Agency

  • As stated in other points listed within our Terms and Conditions, Universal Web Design applies an administrative charge to all overdue invoices as chasing for payment results in unnecessary administration and /or legal expenses. We will take all reasonable, fair and professional actions to obtain payment for overdue invoices. However, if the amount owed is not forthcoming, we reserve the right to employ the services of a debt recovery agency. It is important to note that once the agency is employed, you as the client will be liable to pay the invoice overdue, the relevant administrative fee listed, interest charged at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate, as well as the 17.5% fee the debt recovery agency will charge you for all balances outstanding on your account. Please note that the debt recovery agency do offer finance or repayment packages if needed. We do not wish to employ the services of a debt recovery agency and will avoid the use of such services if at all possible. However, should other avenues of recovering the debt fail, the matter may need to be passed onto a specialist debt recovery agency to recover the amount you owe whether it be a personal or business debt.

Personal Liability

  • As we deal with many start-up businesses, small and medium-sized companies, it is essential that all clients are personally liable for their invoices, commitments and any and all debts they incur working with Universal Web Design Ltd to protect us as a business from potentially endless issues outside of our control. In any event that your business, company, organization or institution was to stop trading for any reason, as by example; is liquidated, closed down or runs out of money, none of those potential reasons or any reason for that matter should affect Universal Web Design in any way, subsequently, by working with us in any capacity you accept joint and several liability for the services you are obligated to, our terms and conditions, any invoices you owe and any and all legal, administration and interest fees applicable if you provide us with no choice but to pursue you and your business for all debts you owe. Subsequently, please ensure your invoices are paid on time, at all times. Regardless of your commercial setup and regardless of whether you are trading as a sole trader, public limited company, private limited company, partnership, LLP or any other business structure or arrangement please note that you accept full personal liability for any and all services you take out with Universal Web Design Ltd.

Personal Guarantee

  • By instructing the services of Universal Web Design under any and all instruction formats, whether this be but not limited to; verbal,
    telephonic, facsimile, handshake, email, face to face, letter, electronic, signature or other, you are therefore accepting any and all forms of personal liability that you will personally guarantee to pay any and all invoices issued by Universal Web Design within 7 days of a request.

Defamation & Slander

  • We take our reputation very seriously and by engaging with our company in any capacity you immediately revoke any right to slander our company in any way through any means. Any allegations of slander will be investigated immediately by legal experts and all costs will be at your expense. This is in addition to all direct and indirect costs and losses we could incur through your unprofessional behavior. Our average customer is valued at £4,800 and our solicitors charge £350 per hour for their services. Court fees will also be your liability. Consequently, you will be liable for all costs and losses for all actual, assumed and punitive damages, subsequently we advise you to settle any disputes personally and privately as we are a fair, friendly and amicable company to work with, subsequently we deserve the respect to agree a mutually fair outcome with you and our reputation not to be damaged in any way through false allegations or manipulative tactics. Particularly as we do make every effort to please every customer and losing a customer is a big enough expense to us as it is.

Consequential Damages

  • Universal Web Design accepts no liability for consequential losses or damages of any kind.

Loss of Business

  • Universal Web Design accepts no liability for any loss of business for any reason.

Recruitment of Our Staff

  • By engaging with Universal Web Design, you agree not to recruit any team member, regardless of title or experience without our prior written permission which must be authorised by our Managing Director. You must not offer or agree employment or engagement to or with any of our officers, directors, employees or consultants whilst engaged with us and for three months afterward, nor assist any other party to do so.
  • If you breach this provision, you will accept full joint and several liability and you will pay us such amount as we reasonably notify in writing to cover the costs of recruiting a replacement, the value of our time expended in the process of recruitment, induction and training of the replacement, and compensation for the initial reduced efficiency of the replacement in doing the job.

Updates To Our Terms & Conditions

  • By employing the services of Universal Web Design in any capacity, whether it be by through a verbal conversation, handshake, email, letter, payment, PDF or proposal document. You immediately accept and adhere to all terms and conditions.
  • You also accept all current and future updates to our terms and conditions which you can visit and access through our website at any time. We also include a link to our terms and conditions through marketing activities, our website, and invoices, making it very easy for you to keep up to date at all times.
  • Universal Web Design is more than happy to discuss any points within these terms and conditions with you.

Pausing Services

  • Pausing any service is not advised, however, should you need to, a £120 administration charge will be applied to your account per service. This is to cover the administrative time needed to adhere to your request. Please note that pausing any service will not pause our production schedule or invoicing schedule as what we have agreed to provide you with must be fulfilled whether it be now or in the future, the choice is yours. Any content, website development or marketing missed during your paused period will be made up for once you re-activate the service with us.


  • All cancellations must be provided in the form a completed cancellation form found within the Universal Web Design’s website.
  • As stated in our terms, we require 60 days’ notice if you wish to cancel any of our services. This 60-day period is in addition to the minimum term agreed with you at the outset. Our standard minimum term is 12 months for marketing services and 24 months for hosting, however, many agreements span a much longer minimum term. As we incur administrative costs when accounts are deactivated we also charge a one-off £120 cancellation fee for any website cancellations and £60 fee for any marketing cancellations.
  • The service you request to cancel shall continue up to the final day within the calendar month your service cancellation falls. This is to avoid disruption and you will be invoiced up to this date accordingly. Subsequently, it is required that you submit your cancellation request by the first (1st) day of the month for your services and invoices to end in exactly 2 months time. No services shall stop mid-month and any mid-month cancellation request will be carried over to the following month.