Affordable Video Production For Your Business

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Video Production

Universal Web Design offer a range of different products and services including Affordable Video Production. So if you’re looking for a company video to showcase your businesses work, product or services, Universal take into account all factors and work alongside you. 

Whether you’ve got a small budget or need a specific style to match your company, our team is ready to take on any challenge that faces us. No challenge too big nor too complicated!

We are located in Colchester, Essex and work with clients from all over! We are not restricted, with our very own script writers, presenters and videographers which are well experienced within video production. Our team works hard to stay up to date with what is working well and what doesn’t work so much anymore.

The industry is constantly changing as business grows and so does competition. We know that everyone is trying to produce the best content to get the most amount engagement out of it which is why we do our research. 

Universal Web Design

Why Choose Video Production?

Research shows that not all companies reach a large amount of audience through the same use of media. Whether that is an image with text or a fancy looking website page, video production is a lot more visual and engaging to an audience. It’s easier to attract an audience as they don’t have to do anything but watch. Having moving imagine allows the human eye to become more attached and interested in what they are seeing. 

It’s all about the content! You are no longer selling as such but rather than providing information in a fun and exciting way. Providing information through video production leaves the audience wanting to know more and enables a trust to start forming. Rather than just reading the information and about the services or products, being able to see them in action allows customers minds to be a little less sceptical when ordering online.

Videos work very well with videos. Research shows that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobiles rather than on anything else. The increase of mobile users is always increasing which means the views on your video will always be increasing too! Video production is hugely important to have after reading figures like that and it even shocks us!

Universal Web Design

Why us?

We may be based in a small town Colchester, Essex but we make excellent video productions. Our team are equipped with the best and have knowledge that will not only deliver you high quality results but can help guide you and give you advice on the subject. 

We have been around since 2011 and continue to grow, develop and work with clients to create content that fit their needs.

Universal Web Design provide great prices with our rates being up to 50% less than our competitors within this area of marking.

Yo are able to meet our very own script writers who are more than happy to take on any task. By working close by and ensuring we produce video production that best suits you, we ensure that you are getting customer service like no other place!

The equipment we use is TV ready. We only use the best to make sure we only deliver the best.

Contact us

If you would like to use our affordable video production services then get in contact today where you can talk to a member of our team to discuss some plans. We usually would love to meet you if you’re able to pop into our offices in Colchester or can arrange a place that is more convenient for you.

We ensure we get the right feel for you and your company to be able to produce a video that compliments and matches your business.

You call us on 01206 588 000. Or email our marketing team at