Affordable Website Hosting Services

At Universal Web Design, we host your files on high-quality servers. These are managed by industry-leading experts. Although this goes against current tradition, we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a result, we offer the best affordable website hosting services.

Meanwhile, other digital marketing and web design companies store your files on cheap servers. These are usually in mass. However, these companies also neglect to mention what they are doing. We do not do this!

All websites receive the required disk space and bandwidth they need. In fact, this is without exhausting one another’s resources. As well as a higher quality service, we also want to provide affordable website hosting services. These start at just £10 per month!

Affordable Website Hosting Services

In addition, we know overseas file hosting can negatively impact your overall website ranking. This means your website is seen by fewer people, less frequently. Furthermore, we host at home to ensure you receive the efficient, trustworthy service you deserve.

How We Keep Files Safe

We set up all website files (such as databases and email accounts) using dedicated cPanel control panels. As a result, this highly sophisticated system allows us to manage and maintain your digital property with care and respect.

Therefore, we keep your files as safe as humanly possible. This means that the only threat to your data is a direct, targeted attack. However, we know this won’t happen – unless you are trying to breach the law! We do our utmost to avoid all potential problems. Thus, we maintain and care for the areas where issues may arise.

This includes weekly remote backups and regular server backups. As well as this, a 24-hour uptime monitoring system that alerts us to any issues. Our dedicated zoning solution massively reduces any and all risks! Our hosting support sets us apart from the competition! Thus, our team of experts are ready to support you, if you should ever need them.

Therefore, if you are in need of and searching for affordable website hosting services and packages designed for businesses, please do get in touch.