After the Storm

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Unassigned

We are calling all survivors as blue skies appear, because we can safely say that no business, no matter the size, will forget the Spring of 2020. Now that the storm is finally passing, the statistics for business losses and fall out of Covid-19 are filtering through and one thing we know is that there is not a business or sector that has not been left unaffected in one way or another.

Although tough decisions have been made across the board, staff have been furloughed and some have been left, if only temporarily, without jobs to return to, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Online, be it working remotely, holding meetings, completing sales or marketing are clearly now the norm for most businesses, and this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, with businesses being more digitally aware than ever before.

UWD Managing Director, Danny Neville is quoted saying;
“Our dedicated team of marketers and web experts have worked tirelessly throughout the Pandemic, guiding and assisting clients through the chaos that was the Spring of 2020, first remotely, and now socially distancing back in the hub of our Colchester office.


I am proud of their valiant efforts during one of the toughest periods we have ever had to face. There have been some tough days and we have sadly taken client losses, but I remain confident that the future remains bright and it’s fantastic to see so many startup innovations appearing- Thanks team UWD”

Although budgets will of course remain tight for months to come, this does not mean that your marketing and communications need suffer further, in fact, with the right guidance and support from a strong team of PR professionals, you can begin to thrive again.

Our innovative packages are available across all marketing platforms and cater to all budgets, so let’s get the country moving again, and now with technology, get it working faster than ever before.

Universal Web Design are industry-leading specialists in the field of all things marketing and communications. We understand that not all business owners have the spare time available to put into their marketing strategy what they need out of it, no matter the business size or budget.

This is where our dedicated team of experts can step in and take the burden from you. To find out more about how the professional experts at Universal Web Design can help your business go from strength to strength, call us today on 01206 588000 or email – We are looking forward to working with you soon.