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Apps for delivery services

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apps for delivery services

Apps for delivery services are a great way of getting business, just look at JustEat! Of course having your own app has far more benefits, which we will go through here!

Exclusivity – the best bit of having your own mobile app for delivery services are that only you can manage it, this means that if someone uses your app to order food then the order will be yours, unlike JustEat where you fight with hundreds of other establishments.

Convenience – Convenience works both ways, it is extremely convenient for your customer as they don’t need to call or even worse, leave their house, as they can just tap a few buttons on their phone and it’s on its way! It is also convenient for you as it allows you to get

Price – without the rules and regulations of other apps, you can charge what you wish!

Unique –  not every delivery service can say they have their own app available, this allows you to have a USP (Unique Selling Point) and an edge that can help you get more sales and revenue.

No cuts – With other apps, every time you make a sale, they will take a portion of your earnings, this could be something like 10% which may end up being £3 a sale, this does not happen with your own app.

With the above being stated, it is easy to see why mobile apps for delivery services are so popular, as the potential £3 per sale will help to ensure the app pays for itself!

Dont take our word for it though, Ian from Faze Caterers, who are Wedding Caterers in Essex had this to say…

This app really helped to boost my revenue, and thanks to all the money saved from not having to give anyone any cuts, the app essentially paid for itself!

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