Apps for Barbers

Apps for Barbers

Are you searching for a marketing agency that provides apps for Barbers? Why not try Universal Web Design? The award-winning team has the solution for you.

Universal Web Design specialises in all business and digital marketing activities including application development.

Universal Web Design

An app with Universal Web Design benefits barbers for several reasons. Furthermore, apps allow barbershops to communicate with customers. We offer booking and scheduling features. As a result, this saves time answering phones. This also tracks client bookings across a week as well as their time slot.

Additionally, we offer five graded service packages. Each benefits your app in different ways. They include bronze, silver, gold, platinum and platinum plus. However, we design each package to meet your budget and requirements.

Apps for Barbers

Apps for barbers also pertain to promotions and sales. Push notifications enable you to communicate with customers. Meanwhile, they allow you to send messages to customers’ mobile devices.

We make the most effective apps for barbers. Be sure to choose the expert team, Universal Web Design.

Each app comes with its own Content Management System (CMS). It is user friendly and allows users to manage/modify content on their mobile app. Moreover, you work with our Google-certified team. Therefore, they manage operations using Google’s best practices.

The team at Universal Web Design understands how important branding is. This is why your application will come with its own bespoke branding. As such, this increases your customer and brand awareness.

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