Apps for Salons

Apps For Salons

Are you searching for bespoke apps for salons? Fortunately, the specialist team at Universal Web Design has the solution for you.

Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design specialises in all aspects of digital marketing, including application development. Additionally, the team is also Google qualified. We use all of the best practices provided by Google.

Universal Web Design offers a range of packages. However, we design each package to meet your budget and requirements. These include bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and platinum plus. The proficiency of each app increases with the grade of the package purchased.

UWD provides a Content Management System (CMS) for each application we produce. A content management system allows you to manage and edit application content. Additionally, UWD tailors each content management system to be user-friendly and easily accessible.

Apps for Salons

For salons, a mobile application would be very effective. Applications help improve communication with customers and productivity. A mobile app with UWD will create a communication channel between yourself and your customers.

Mobile applications allow you to send messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices. They perform this through the use of push notifications. However, push notifications enable customers to receive information about sales, promotions, or general activity. An effective way of communication that is affordable and saves time.

For apps for salons, mobile applications are brilliant at increasing productivity. An app will allow your customers to book an appointment through your app. It saves time, rather than telephoning and manually booking. It also allows customers to view when appointments are available. Therefore, this creates an easy system for customers to book appointments.

Furthermore, an application will also help salons build customer loyalty, likewise brand recognition. With an app, you can offer sales and promotions to loyal customers. In fact, UWD creates a loyalty point system that will provide loyal customers with points they can use for discounts.

To receive effective apps for salons, contact Universal Web Design on 01206 588000, email or click here to find out more information.