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Apps for Vets

Apps for Vets by Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design offer extremely cost effective apps for vets that start at just £295 + £40 per month, very cost effective indeed!

This is especially considering that most app designs cost far, far more than this, it is not unusual to see an app cost ten times the cost of what we offer, so what is the difference?

Well, in most cases, none, expensive apps are build using native code for each platform, this means that you will have many codebases, you will have website code, iPhone code and Android code, all of which need to be build and actively maintained – a very expensive process.

We use an innovative process that allows for the app to be partially a mirror of your site, with the additional app features being part of a framework that essentially allows for a single codebase to be used to all platforms!

If all of that sounds complex, it can essentially be summed up as:

  • Most App Designers – Code the app three or four times for each platform = Lots of work and lots of cost
  • Universal Web Design – Code the app once for all platforms = much less work and much less cost

There are also lots of other benefits to our approach, a good example being for eCommerce stores, where any updates to the shop on the website, such as new products or changes to prices, will be updated instantly on the app, without the user even needing to update the app! This is brilliant for user experience, which we consistently strive to improve and refine!

Our cost effective apps for vets allow you as a vet or vegetarian service to have an app that really helps for your customers and clients to have an extremely good experience with your service thanks to an app that could potentially:

  • Take bookings
  • Take Payments
  • Reward Customer Loyalty
  • Keep clients up to date of any news or happenings
  • So much more!

If the apps for vets service sounds good, then why not learn more? You can do so easily by calling us on 01206 588 000 or email us on or even send us a message throughout contact page!

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