Are You Social Media Savvy?

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Unassigned

Social Media, the topic is more in depth than you may think. As a company, your marketing strategy may well be lengthy and in detail, however are you missing a trick by not using the tools right in front of you.

Social Media is a vast platform and the ideal solution for reaching your target audience directly. Choosing sites to market yourselves on will depend on your business and how you want to be portrayed. When creating a marketing campaign on a basic level, the boardroom will have no doubt asked the question of which sites? Shall you choose LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? If thinking outside of the box, Pinterest may be considered.

However, social media is booming, it has been for a decade but today, it really is. 2020 has seen the surge in online browsing. Why? Covid and the amount of spare time on the general public’s hands may have had a large input. But also the fact that social media is adapting, becoming more entertaining and even more addictive. 

With an ever changing platform for marketing your business, are you really in the know in regards to whats hot right now? The classic social media platforms are always a positive option and should be considered. As should upcoming sites, such as TikTok and the not so new, but not so utilised YouTube.


There is a new wave of social media platforms coming through. Snapchat, it’s most likely seen its day and missed the opportunity to break through as a business marketing tool, best leave it to the teenagers. However, TikTok is making a break for it. TikTok at a glance appears to appeal to the like minded youths of SnapChat.

TikTok may seem new on the scene, although the app was originally created in 2017. Today TikTok has 8.5Million subscribers, a minimal number compared to other social media sites. With growth predictions of another 4 million subscribers in the next two years, many businesses are making a name for themselves on the platform.

Each platform has its niche, LinkedIn for professionals, Instagram for brand awareness and now TikTok for businesses wanting to visually show a more relatable side.


YouTube isn’t new, we’ve all heard of it, we’ve all watched on it, but have we all used it? Probability not, nor has your business. Simply, the site comes across as a platform for those with the digital know how. With editing and shooting apps becoming more readily available, such a statement is no longer the case.

YouTube is a good platform for those wanting to produce longer, potentially more informative content, that has been edited to match branding.

At, we understand the confusion of picking the right social media platform, thats why, with all of our Social Media clients, we advise on the best platforms for their business. We understand markets and the features of social media which may not be obvious to those that don’t have marketing at the forefront of their agenda.

Level up your marketing with the use of social media and see your business present on a new media platform today with the help of Universal Web Design.