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If you’ve been in business for some time now, a fresh new look can be just what the Doctor ordered. However, a business re-brand is more than just changing your logo and deciding what font to go for, its a process of changing what people see and think when they look at your business’s marketing strategies.

Whatever the reason behind your new company re-brand, it’s important to get it right and target your new and existing target audience under the new regime of a company vision –

re-branding is a big deal.

While it may benefit your customers, it can also re-energise your company from the inside. Your staff will be clearer on your purpose, vision and values. Potential customers will resonate with your personality and communications with Sales becoming somewhat easier.

Marketing your business through a re-brand can make your organisation more efficient through your brand’s clear guidelines. Thus, leading you into a successful future.

The process of marketing your business through a re-brand should start on realising the importance of what your company can offer and build a strong understanding of who your company is, what you do better than anyone, and what you want your customers to know about you.


The following questions may also play a part in the overall re-brand of your business:

  • Who needs to be involved to create a clear purpose, vision and values?
  • Who will redesign your logo?
  • Does the company name need to change?
  • Who will create the guidelines for colors, fonts, writing and design?
  • Who will implement all the new elements (website, signage, collateral, intranet, invoices, etc.) across the company?

As mentioned above, you want to make sure you get your re-brand right the first time around, or else it could impact the credibility of your business. Input from customers, employees, partners, vendors, etc ensures your marketing and design is running parallel and more importantly making sure you’re on track with a new brand that paints your business in the right light.

Here at Universal Web Design our professional services cover magical marketing and bespoke graphic design that ensures your company brand is out there to be seen through online and offline channels.

Our in house marketing team are on hand to look after your business marketing, expertly promoting your company wider online as well as generating new custom as a result. Through Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing you’re able to reach out to customers on a wide range of online platforms, putting you and your business right at the heart of the action.

Our Graphic Design team also produce stunning results, with eye-catching company logos, business cards, brochures and many more tools for your business promotions.

So, if you’re looking to rebrand your company then it’s time to contact Universal Web Design, our online strategies can get your business performing to its highest capabilities.

Contact us on 01206 588 000 or email us to get the ball rolling today! The only thing you then have to think about is when you want to make the exciting rebrand announcement when your design is complete.

Your successful future is in sight, on behalf of Universal Web Design!