Know Your Clientele – Audience Insights

by | Jul 4, 2015 | Unassigned

It’s that age-old pain for any business owner; what kind of people are my products attracting, and how can I reach out to them more? As you expand your business in the digital age – whether that be through social media, e-mail marketing, e-commerce, apps, or even blogging – you will begin to extend your reach from your local audience, to virtually anyone who has access to the internet.

This is where audience insights come in handy.

If a customer comes into your store and purchases a product or uses your service, unless you do a customer survey at the end of each transaction, you’ll know almost nothing about them. What may seem like the most trivial information – such as their favourite movie, or book – could actually be useful in your marketing.

Audience insights allow you to get a breakdown of the demographics of the people who are viewing your page, liking your posts, commenting on your blog and retweeting your tweets, in the largest numbers. This breakdown provide you as a business-owner with valuable information as to who your biggest clientele are. Since everyone with an online profile is eager to fill it with information about themselves nowadays, all of the above information is available at the click of a button.

Digital marketing agencies, such as Universal Web Design, will use audience insights when submitting to you a marketing report. Here at UWD, we do that at the end of each month for every single one of our clients – with recommendations tailored to their industry and business goals. This way, business-owners know where to direct their marketing and, when combined with SEO, can ensure their content and their product get the furthest reach – boosting sales and creating growth.

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