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At Universal Web Design we run Email Marketing Campaigns for our clients, managing the distribution of content and offering a professionally branded template for each message. Each campaign we run is built on a focussed strategy, using the statistics at our disposal to determine ideal times and places to send our newsletters. Although we have sampled a number of providers in the past, by far the most professional and effective service we have found so far comes from MailChimp, an online email marketing solution we use time and time again.

There are a number of reasons that MailChimp has become so important to us and our clients, most notably the way that it meets our need for focussed, strategic campaigns. MailChimp collates data each and every time it sends out an email, analysing the patterns and presenting it to you in easy to determine graphs. These graphs give us the opportunity to monitor subscriber activity, social stats and click performance, either independently or together as an overview. With information this detailed we are able to do a number of things.

We can check the subscriber growth,

to see at what points there is an increase and examine how we can take advantage of that. It is important to know when and where your email was most clicked, as well as who interacts the most and what exactly they clicked through on. It will collect information on which emails bounced back and who left the message unopened. Through this it can recommend who to resend the email to and who to simply delete.

As well as incredible analytical capabilities, the design and layout of MailChimp emails is equally impressive. MailChimp will adapt the layout and look of each message to suit the client it has been sent to. For example, whether you use Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail will determine how the message looks in your browser. It collects info on the top 10 clients most commonly used and will adapt accordingly to each one.

It also allows us to showcase our design skill too, letting us upload a personal HTML design template so we can effectively brand your email marketing campaign to match your online presence. We can upload images and customise your design and layout to suit the requirements of your particular campaign.

The Email Marketing Campaigns we run at Universal Web Design are focussed on helping you to achieve your goals. Thanks to MailChimp this has been made easier than ever and we are taking on new clients regularly as a result. If you would like to be the latest business to benefit from our Email Marketing then please get in touch today for all the info.