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The most essential thing any business owner can do, is connect on a personal level with their customers. True, you can get your message out via social media on a daily basis, but 140 characters on Twitter and a small space on your business’ Facebook page, can’t always convey that message fully.

The beauty of e-mail marketing, is that you can get a clear, personal message out to both loyal, and prospective, customers at the click of a button. It’s never been simpler to announce business promotions or offers to reward or draw-in clients. It’s also a much more interactive method of communication, especially when including a ‘call-to-action’ in each e-mail, meaning you’ll often get a quick response.

This new method of communication

can also easily be managed by a digital agency.

Outsourcing marketing has been proven to be much more efficient and cost-effective for small businesses, and if a marketing manager, such as those at Universal Web Design, knows your business well, they can easily be your mouthpiece – drawing in new custom, and improving relations with current clients on a regular basis. And with the use of quality e-mail marketing software, our experts can send out the same e-mail to multiple subscribers all at once.

Combining e-mail marketing with regular social media updates, such as the quality packages provided here at UWD, will keep your current and potential customers updated and engaged. It’s the perfect match to grow your small business.