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Email is still very much alive!

Most people use their email daily and will check their inbox at any given chance. Whether they are eating, waiting for the bus, even whilst in the bathroom! Email marketing is a great way to connect with your target audience and provide a reliable form of communication. 

It is a super cost-effective way to keep customers updated and interested in your brand. The great thing about emails is that you can keep in touch with your audience on all occasions. Whether it’s a simple happy birthday or a cheery welcome aboard, customers feel special when they receive messages like those. 

What better way to connect to your audience than by making their experience with your email campaigns personal. Customers respond really well to a business that treats them as an individual.   

By giving your customers a great experience – not bombarding them with hundreds of emails all full of irrelevant content – then you can form a good relationship. Whereby, customers will be waiting in anticipation of your next email and excited to read it. 

It is very important to track and analyse the results of your email marketing campaign, as this will indicate whether your strategy is working for your brand. If you see that you are getting a high number of opens, but no actual clicks then you need to figure out why. 

Clearly people are opening the email so they are interested. But a weak call to action could be the reason nobody takes any action after receiving the email. 

For many business owners, time is not on their hands. It’s often beneficial to utilise the skills of an online marketing agency. Universal Web Design is Essex’s leading digital agency, with over 600 happy clients.

We house a team of highly skilled experts all who want nothing more than to help your business grow. If your business could thrive through the help of our email marketing guru’s then get in touch today! 

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