Cyber Monday Deals

From Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design is offering five Cyber Monday Deals to help your business grow online!

As award-winning, industry leaders, by seizing these deals you’ll be bringing the very best of Design, Marketing, Knowledge and Experience into your business.

Seize this day, seize these offers! In one day, one decision, you could improve the scale of your business.

Deal 1

Our app design services start from just £295, but Cyber Monday’s deal enables you to get this for just £195 – yes, that’s a cool £100 off the original price!

Deal 2

Secure your site and become user safe with an SSL Certificate for your website and receive Free Installation!

Deal 3

We all know the importance of an up to date, smooth sailing, highly engaging website, and now we’re offering £100 off our Web Design Gold Package.

Deal 4

Do your clients need your services thick and fast? By installing a ticketing system you’ll be able to get to each and every client in an organised and calm strategy. Normally worth £1000, we’ll give you £500 off! *£40 pm hosting.

Deal 5

Email, Blogs and Social Media are essential for all businesses brand and reach so pay for a new marketing service fully for 12 months and receive 10% off the price!

One Day Only!
How To Seize Your Cyber Monday Discounts

Here at Universal Web Design, we specialise in building and managing leading mobile applications, great online marketing strategies, engaging websites and important security upgrades in all business industries. Now no longer expensive with our new Cyber Monday deals!

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