Brexit and its impact on Internet Start-UPs

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Unassigned

After four and a half years, we have finally left the EU. The Brexit has been a long process, full of issues and setbacks and constant renegotiation. Brexit will impact how most businesses conduct their affairs. Trade with the EU is no longer as simple as it once was if it was ever truly simple. There are many new regulations that we will now have to follow.

URL issues

URL’s .eu have been suspended as the transition period comes to a close if owned by British people. People will now have to choose between starting an EU subsidiary and changing their country of residence. This means that UK citizens with a .eu domain name are now in limbo as they try to navigate the new rules of how to get and keep a domain name. It is a complicated issue that is creating a great many problems for UK businesses. (source)

Data? What Data?

The UK no longer falls beneath the umbrella of the EU Data Protection laws. Data flows between the UK and the EU will be affected as this means problems accessing data. The government advice is to work with the companies that transfer data to your business to come up with alternative plans. (source)

This has been an expensive process for many companies that have been forced to deal with these issues and theses are only two of the issues, there are many others such as; no longer having the right to live and work in the EU, for example. This can be a problem if you have employees in foreign offices. If you want to fly in for a face to face visit with clients, well, then you need to now renew your passport 6 months early and pay for a visa to do so. (source)

Brexit has caused many problems, there are a great many things that UK businesses must now have to successfully trade with the EU. it’s leaving any businesses having to pay out more money and file more paperwork than ever. This is only a brief summation of some of the issues that are now facing the UK business world, there are still many others.