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Budget Mobile Apps

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Budget Mobile Apps from Universal Web Design

Mobile apps are a fantastic way of modernising your brand, and with our Budget Mobile Apps service, there’s no reason not to get one!

Mobile apps allow a level of modernisation and convenience that make them almost necessary to get the edge. 50% of people are on a mobile, and with the addition of a mobile app, you can easily leverage that userbase, with the user experience being as convenient as possible for the user, allowing many referrals and subsequently the potential for a lot of revenue.

Of course, apps can be very, very expensive to produce with some apps costing around £3000 for relatively basic features! We at universal create apps differently, parts of the app are mirrors of your pre-existing site with this being especially apparent for storefronts, this allows you to use your pre-existing website for store management without the need to learn anything new, and thanks to it being a mirror, prices will always be up to date!

So as you can see, there tons of merits to using this form of the app, and what is the cost, the cost of these apps start at £295! So that means that you get a far cheaper and far better app overall, with the benefits being too much to count, but suffice to say, it will allow you to break into a different market, and as such a different revenue stream!

We don’t just build the app for you, but manage it too! This means that we constantly update it to make sure it works for the latest versions of IOS and Android as well as keep the relevant app stores up to date, this means that you need very minimal input to keep the app running and can just reap all of the benefits.

Don’t take our word for it though, Jon, who specialises in Mobility Aids had this to say…

“I was looking around for Budget Mobile Apps, and Universal Web Design were the best choice, with their lower cost on apps that still packed all the features I would ever need!”

So as you can see, for Budget Mobile Apps we can’t be beat, and as such would recommend that you get in touch to learn more!

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