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Apps are everywhere and almost every business wants one. As the world develops and creating a successful startup business becomes even more competitive it is important to reassess what methods will benefit your business. The development of mobile apps has exploded in recent times and with more than 70% of British people now owning a smartphone, having an app is almost a necessity for any business.

The key to any business is giving the customer what they want even if they themselves do not realise what it is. The current trend has taken on a lot of interest from potential customers in all industries; everyone wants an app to learn or fix something. I searched for an app to record my daughters fever temperature just last week – which just shows how the apps have become and integral part of everyday life.

Reasons to choose a mobile app:

• Over 750% of people in the UK have a smartphone
• Creates a personal touch for your customers – this fosters customer loyalty
• On the go usage – customers can access any promotions as they walk past or into your shop
• Reinforce your brand message and increase your brand presence
• Direct contact and a higher percentage of usage as opposed to an email lost in spam
• Direct customers to your contact information

Using an app will create direct contact with your customers – it allows you to not only engage with potential customers in real-time, but you will be able to do this regardless of their location along with having access to their profiles.

A very good opportunity to turn those engaged customers into sales and will be easy regardless of whether your business offers a service or a product. Adding extra perks to what your business has to offer will always be an added bonus to any customer. Take for instance Google Analytics – allowing you to access all your analytics on your mobile device in real-time. Google has finally created an easy access app for their customers and this is tipped to grow even further in the coming months. Google created this app to appeal to the mobile app audience and has been benefiting from this ever since.

The power of direct contact has revolutionized the market – now thanks to apps you can share what you want with your customers with decreased levels of distractions.

Apps tend to make customer feedback and evaluation of your product or service much easier. You can offer customer’s free tools to accompany your product or service via your mobile app – everyone appreciates an extra treat.

Being a massive clothes shopper with very limited amount spare time I’ve always wanted an app that has everything I needed in one place. Although some were available they didn’t have my favourite stores included in the list offered – until I discovered the Zara app that houses all my favourite clothing in one place. This took a quick search on my android and I was able to browse all the customer feedback before I made the choice to download the app.

This ease of communication will prove handy to any business as you will be able to pick up on how customers are using the app and exactly what they think of it on a daily basis. You are able to respond to your customers within seconds and fix any issues they bring up. Benefiting from real-time response to your product from your own customers – this is the power of communication.

A very trendy way to turn all those leads you have built up into sales is by offering your potential and current customers deals they can’t find anywhere else. Developing the marketing strategy for this incentive will be easy as you will have direct access to all their locations. Running a physical shop on Oxford Street for instance, it will take very little time to send a personalised message to all your potential customers within a certain distance and alert them of the amazing discount you are running in-store for a certain time only.

They will not only have a reason for this visit, but they will have the time to do it.

As with everything else developing an app is just another way to entice your customers by introducing them to something new and exciting. Imagine giving them an entire store in their pocket at the click of an icon. You will be able to tailor your offers to suit your customers; either by location or from the handy feedback they will give your app in the app store.

Mobile apps are in and its all about keeping up with the times to remain relevant to your customers. Whether you go with something simple and stream lined or you develop a very full-on interactive app – the benefits will be better than the cost.

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