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To make your business stand out from your competitors,

maybe it’s time to think about adding that personal touch through the art Blog Management. This approach is good and fresh idea, as well as giving the business some perspective and more understanding to a potential customer that doesn’t know your product, service or industry all that well.

Not only that, Blogging enables you to divert traffic to your website, you have an opportunity to convert this traffic into potential leads and strengthen your brand online. Overtime your blogs will be viewed and generate increasing numbers of views to your website as a whole – these blogs will still be relevant in months and even years down the line.

Blogs work hand in hand with two types of marketing channels, Social Media and Email Marketing. They perfectly compliment and advertise a blog through their respective call to actions, potentially giving businesses more than 300,000 unique visitors to the website per month through the art of Blogging!

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. It’s a great way to express your business, through regular content engaging your clients on all things to do with your business.

Blogs can also answer all types of questions your leads and customers have. If your business continues to create content that’s helpful for your target customer, you in turn become an established solution to any problems your customer may have.

No matter what your position or profession, Blog marketing knowledge really can benefit anyone in today’s market. However, while all marketing is incredibly important and beneficial to businesses, many simply do not have the time to compile blogs frequently with other areas of concern understandably on their priority list.


This is why we employ our in-house expert Blog writer, Mark Tuxford, who looks after new and existing client accounts, producing sterling work to match your requirement. Mark essentially creates bespoke articles that either reference to your product/service in general, through news or topical content within the industry.

He is also very capable of coming up with new ideas and topics for your business blogs, like he does for our existing clients. However, if you have your own ideas and want to play an active role within your Blog Management, he is very happy to use and take on board your thoughts – Mark knows all the ins and outs of this exceptional piece of marketing!

If you would like to take your blogging knowledge to the next level and find out about our Blog Management packages, contact Universal Web Design on 01206 588 000 or email us via