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Competition Ticket Sales Websites

At the heart of our platform is the promise of increased sales for your event or competition. Whether you’re an event organiser, a sports team manager, or an arts enthusiast, our specialised website is designed to drive higher ticket sales and audience engagement. Join us on this journey and explore the myriad benefits of our platform. From efficient ticketing solutions to advanced marketing tools, we’re here to elevate your sales and make your event a resounding success. From just £200 a month you can have your perfect website, dont miss out and enquire today!

What’s Included?

Online Ticket Sales Platform

  • A robust online ticket sales platform allows event organisers to create and customise event listings. They can provide essential information such as event details, ticket types, pricing, seating arrangements, and availability. The platform should offer a user-friendly interface where organisers can manage and update their events as needed.

Secure Payment Processing

  • Integrating secure payment processing is essential to providing attendees with confidence in making online ticket purchases. This includes support for various payment methods, robust encryption to protect sensitive financial information, and compliance with industry standards for secure transactions.

Marketing and Promotion Features

  • Effective marketing and promotion tools are crucial for driving ticket sales. Event organisers should have access to features like email marketing campaigns, social media integration, and affiliate marketing programs. These tools help organisers reach a wider audience, promote their events, and incentivize others to promote them as well.

Audience Engagement Tools

  • Audience engagement tools enhance the overall event experience. This can include features like attendee feedback forms, surveys, and chat support to address attendee inquiries or concerns. Additionally, event organisers can use these tools to send event updates, reminders, and special offers to keep attendees engaged and informed.

Mobile Ticketing

  • With the increasing use of mobile devices, mobile ticketing is a valuable feature. It allows attendees to purchase, receive, and display their tickets conveniently on their smartphones. Mobile ticketing reduces the reliance on physical tickets and makes the check-in process smoother and more efficient.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into ticket sales and event performance. Event organisers can access data on ticket sales, attendance trends, demographics of attendees, and revenue generated. These insights help organisers make informed decisions for future events, including pricing adjustments, marketing strategies, and event enhancements.

Optional Extras


Reserved Seating and Seat Selection

  • Offer an optional feature that allows attendees to choose their seats during the ticket purchase process. This is particularly valuable for events with assigned seating arrangements, such as concerts, theatres, or sports events.

VIP and Premium Packages

  • Create VIP or premium ticket packages that include exclusive perks, such as early entry, access to VIP lounges, merchandise, or meet-and-greet opportunities with performers or athletes. This can provide additional revenue streams and offer attendees a premium experience.


Multi-Language Support

  • Provide multi-language support for both event listings and the ticket purchase process. This is especially useful for events with diverse international audiences, making it easier for non-English-speaking attendees to navigate the platform.

Event Integration Services

  • Offer integration with third-party services and tools commonly used in event management, such as event registration software, attendee check-in solutions, or event marketing platforms. These integrations can streamline event organisation and enhance the overall experience for organisers and attendees.