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Our platform offers a gateway to realising your dreams and turning your ideas into reality. With a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and a passionate community of backers, we make crowdfunding accessible and effective. Whether you’re a creative visionary, an entrepreneur, or a cause-driven advocate, our platform empowers you to raise funds, connect with backers, and bring your projects to life. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the countless benefits of having the best crowdfunding website by your side, where dreams meet support and possibilities know no bounds. From just £150 a month you can have your perfect website, dont miss out and enquire today!

What’s Included?

User-Friendly Platform

  • A user-friendly platform is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate for both project creators and backers. It should offer a streamlined campaign creation process with clear steps, allowing creators to set up their projects, add multimedia content, and describe their goals and rewards. Backers should be able to search, explore, and support projects without encountering barriers.

Secure Payment Processing

  • Trust is paramount in crowdfunding, and secure payment processing is crucial to maintaining that trust. The platform should integrate reputable payment gateways to ensure that backers’ financial information is protected. This includes using encryption and following industry standards for secure transactions.

Robust Backer Community

  • Building a strong support community is essential for the success of a crowdfunding platform. This involves not only attracting a diverse group of backers but also fostering engagement. Features like comments, discussions, and social sharing options can encourage interaction among backers, project creators, and supporters of various projects.

Project Support and Resources

  • Providing support and resources to project creators is crucial for their success. This can include educational materials, best practices guides, and case studies to help them run effective campaigns. Customer support should also be readily available to address any questions or issues that may arise during the camp

Transparent Fee Structure

  • Transparency in the fee structure is vital to maintaining trust between the platform, project creators, and backers. Clear communication of the fees associated with running a campaign and the percentage taken from successful funding helps all parties understand the cost involved. This transparency fosters a sense of fairness and honesty.

Project Promotion Tools

  • Empowering project creators with promotion tools is essential for the success of their campaigns. This can include social sharing buttons, pre-configured messaging for backers to share with their networks, and options for embedding videos and media content in campaign descriptions. These tools help creators reach a broader audience and maximise their campaign’s exposure.

Optional Extras


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Offer project creators and backers advanced analytics tools that provide insights into campaign performance. This can include data on visitor engagement, conversion rates, and sources of traffic. Advanced reporting helps project creators fine-tune their campaigns and backers to make more informed decisions.

Built-in Marketing and Promotion Services

  • Provide project creators with additional marketing and promotion services, such as email marketing, advertising partnerships, or influencer collaboration options. These services can help projects gain more exposure and attract a broader audience.


Customisable Templates and Themes

  • Allow project creators to choose from a selection of customizable templates and themes to create visually appealing campaign pages. These templates can help campaigns stand out and align with the project’s branding.

Multiligual Support

  • Providing multiligual support allows your website to cater to a diverse audience. Visitors from different regions and language backgrounds can access your content in their preffered language, making your website more accessible and inclusive.