The Dark Arts of Customer Value

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Unassigned

Customer Value is accurately considered an overworked term within business – After all, as the old saying goes; the customer is always right.

If they want it and it’s cheap, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll take what they can get – and rightly so, because customers buy what they perceive as being of value to them. Everyone is open to a bargain!

You will always be in competition with your rivals, your competitors – but let’s face it, if you didn’t have some of that you wouldn’t strive to improve your business not only for the customer but for you too! It’s all about effective perception.

Here at Universal Web Design, we listen to the customer and advise them on what they could add to their business, not always what they SHOULD have. You can’t make demands on a customer, we are there to help and improve where we can.

If the client is satisfied with a service, they won’t feel that a change is necessary which is good for your company, just not so good when you’re looking for new business and they’re happy with a service elsewhere.

Creating the need for change which benefits the client and the business is the way forward, finding out what problems or queries they have with their current provider.

Targeting the areas to solve the problems they experience is ideally what you want to find, eradicating any issues and asking the right questions getting right to the heart of the problem.

Some people are not open to change and can be too afraid of the ‘what if’, instead of looking at the immense upside and future possibilities of ‘when.’

This too happens in the business world, but to keep up with your competitors, sometimes a change has to be made. Some good, some bad –

A risk you just sometimes HAVE to take.

This ethos focuses on payoffs and savings, phasing out client issues which in turn finds a clear correlation of the problem and the sense of value within.

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