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Last year, the number of mobile device users spectacularly surpassed the number of desktop users, reaching a whopping 1.9bn global users this year. It’s no longer a question of the importance of mobile marketing, but of how best to utilise this increase in the usage of the smartphone, tablet, smart watch, and other mobile devices. As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin'” and with 80% of internet users now accessing the online world in the palm of their hand, its essential we’re their to greet them.

It’s quite simple really – design, develop and maintain an app, and you’ll have the ability to beam your message directly to potential or current customers, anywhere in the world, at any time you like. The revolutionary times of Twitter and Facebook, giving businesses the ability to get their message out instantly to customers, is no longer the new kid on the block, although it’s still extremely effective. Now we have to make way for a new style of marketing – one featuring push notifications and QR codes. It’s very much an ‘in your face’ style of marketing, but a style that mobile users welcome, and can opt in and out of, if and when they wish to.

At Universal Web Design, we offer businesses the chance to design and build an app with the help of our expert app developers. We then keep the app live and update it as and when you like. The Apple and Android app stores continue to grow, with more and more small- to medium-sized businesses waking up to this new form of marketing, and gaining access to a once-inpenetrable marketplace – back when only big companies

had the resources to use the platform.

Our package offers businesses an analytics dashboard to track the progress and reach of your app, as well as an in-app loyalty card for regular customers. Push notifications for smartphones and SMS marketing allow you to beam your business message directly into the palm of a customer’s hand, or inform of any special offers you have, which can also be accessed via the app. Our package price already includes the usual £100 and £30 fee to put your app up on the Apple and Android stores, respectively.

Until 15/08/2015, we’re offering the entire bronze package, including 10 pages of content, free software updates, and regular content updates – as well as all the bells and whistles mentioned above – at a reduced price of just £125, down from £295, when you call and quote ‘APP125’ to place your order. You can then work directly with our team of developers to craft your perfect mobile app, and start expanding the reach of your business. It’s no longer a question of whether or not this form of marketing is worth it, but a question of how best to utilise it. And UWD knows how.