Video Predicted To Be Big in Digital Marketing

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Unassigned


There is one digital service that has grown in popularity more than any other in 2014 and that is Video Production and Marketing. In fact Content Marketing as a whole has seen an incredible resurgence in the past 6 months, with businesses seeing light at the end of tunnel after the economic crisis and being able to increase their marketing budgets as a result.

Marketing as a whole is used to serve several purposes;

both to offer engaging and interesting information to your readership or customers and to encourage them to perform an act, for example visit a specific web page or invest in your service.

Video Marketing is now being utilised more often to meet those two purposes, but offers something that traditional Content Marketing, for example blogs, social media, e-books and articles, aren’t able to. At Universal Web Design we don’t see them as mutually exclusive though but rather a huge benefit to businesses when equally combined.

Whoever your target audience is and whatever product or service you are selling, chances are a combination of both visual and written content will be needed. With online internet speeds increasing all the time, imbedding a video into a website is now a quick and convenient way of grabbing visitor’s attention with striking visual content. Then you need a well written and structured website in order to keep them there.

Once upon a time a corporate video would have seemed a luxury but in 2015 will become nearly a necessity. It is estimated that 45.4% of Internet users will watch at least 1 video per month online. Need more detail? Well further stats show that the average person watches 32.2 videos per month and 100 million people will view one every day.

What this shows is that people are looking to be entertained, and entertained quickly. In many cases it is now reading that is actually the luxury. We consider ourselves to be very busy people and when it comes to purchases will happily bounce from company to company until our interest is piqued, rather than analyse each in depth.

This immediate information is what a video offers. Your brand, your image, your company message can all be displayed and, if you are using the right creative digital agency, can leave a lasting impression on those who watch it.

We really do believe that Video Production and Marketing is the future of online interaction with customers. The digital age means that we are never without some form of technology and your brand is always visible on laptops, computers, phones and tablets. Therefore to help match and then beat your competitors, quality video is key.

At Universal Web Design we offer production and marketing of video in house, meaning a clear message is maintained throughout your video and across all your media platforms. For many of our clients we combine our videos with external marketing packages and are able to share both their film and brand through blogs, social media and email marketing mediums.

So to make sure your company isn’t left behind in this new and exciting marketing phenomenon, get in touch with one of our expert team today, to see how video can be used to boost your brand and increase your companies exposure.