Don’t Land In The Junk

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Unassigned

A marketing campaign will be niche to your business. Every business offers a different service or a different market thus, their marketing requirements will vary. At Universal Web Design as an email marketing company, our team are experts within their specific fields, enabling us to identify and build a marketing campaign that is unique for your business. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is incredibly efficient and effective. As an individual, do you own a phone? Most definitely yes. Do you own a smartphone? Again, if the answers no, we would be shocked. And nearly all phones have an email app. 

By producing an email and sending it to a subscribed list, a business’s target market is directly contacted. The open rate on an email, again, is high. However, only if your email is seen. Email apps are opened daily, if not more regularly for those that have notifications set up. Therefore, your marketing email will no doubt be seen, unless it’s in the junk.

How often do you skim through your junk folder? The main word there is skim. Emails found in the Junk are associated with just that, junk. Why would anyone open a business email in the junk folder, the phone (a smart one at that) has already predetermined its use for the reader.

How Can Universal Web Design Help?

At Universal Web Design, as an email marketing company, we manage client subscriber lists to reduce the chance of the email being recognised as spam. By segmenting our clients subscribers into different audiences as such, we are able to send out e-shots that are relevant to a more specific target group.

Why is this important? Yes the target group may be smaller, but the email being sent will most definitely be of use. By sending regular, informative emails, your subscribers will be interested in the content within the email, and the email itself will land in the right folder. 

The benefits of email marketing is vast and alongside other digital marketing techniques, can prove incredibly beneficial for your business. If your business requires the use of an email marketing company, contact Universal Web Design today to discuss the creation of a marketing campaign for your business. Call a member of our team on 01206 588 000 or email