Don’t Lose Control of Your Business

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Unassigned

Your website is your shop front to your business, if you have a broken window or a dusty selection of products or services sleeping in the display, then customers are going to walk on without much more than a glance in your direction. If you had the tools to fix the window, clean and replace the products, update the sign and stay smiling and educating the passers by, you would, wouldn’t you?

If you could place every aspect of your business in front of an open window, with the ability to educate, impress and compel customers strolling by to stop and listen, stop and consider, stop and buy – you would. The internet is your world and the industry is your street and only your shop window will entice customers in.

As a business owner or manager, being involved in the inner workings of your website will help you stay in control of your business, keep your clients focused on you and bring potential clients straight to your door.

At Universal Web Design,

our websites come with a CMS system as standard!

What is CMS? Standing for Content Management System this gives you the ability to check, update and add to your website anywhere there is a connection to the internet – anywhere in the World that is, thereby enabling you to control content remotely. Not only useful but pro-active and very powerful.

Your site is part of your business and brand assets, it is your sales force and in your site’s editing suite (CMS) you’ll be able to make decisions and changes from home, the office or away at a conference or on holiday, which could give you that extra edge and those ongoing sales.

Universal Web Design don’t tie you into minimum development fees or high hourly rates for minor changes – some developers can charge £150 an hour! We give you the power and information to drive your website so you stay in control of that and therefore your business.

If you’d like more information on our websites for your business or any website packages queries no matter what the price, then call 01206 588 000 or email