Easy Guide To Social Media

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Unassigned

Social Media.

It’s everywhere.
You can’t escape it, even if you want to.

Turn on your phone, and notifications come popping up everywhere. See an advert, and they request that you ‘follow’ them on their social platforms… You can’t run from it, so you might as well learn about it.

Social Media is all about connections. According to recent research, 76% of UK adults are currently active on social media. Whilst there are plenty of benefits for personal activity, there are also many reasons why 88% of UK businesses use social media too.

Here is a guide to the biggest social media platforms out there, that could benefit your business:

Facebook has dominated the world of social networking, with over 1 billion users worldwide. It is a great platform to connect with your consumers, with options to ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ on other people’s posts. It begins with setting up a business page. Don’t have one? We set up Facebook pages for free as part of our social media packages.

Twitter is fast-paced, short and snappy. Think of it as like a mini-blog – and we mean mini – as you have 140 characters to express your message. You are also able to increase your reach as you can ‘follow’ other accounts, and they can ‘follow’ yours. This means that they want to regularly see the posts you produce. You are also able to hashtag (#) phrases that become ‘searchable’ terms – for example, if you were looking for a hairdressers in London, type in #LondonHairdressers to find others that have included this term.

LinkedIn is a must for b2b businesses. This is a perfect platform for your business to connect with others in a specific industry. This is an entirely business-focused platform, full of professionals, so produce your posts with this in mind. You are also able to create a company page on LinkedIn, something we do for free as part of our social media packages.

If you are interested in building the social media presence of your business, but do not have the time or knowledge, we can be of help. We assign you a social media manager who works closely alongside you to produce regular, high-quality posts. Visit our store for details and prices.

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