Do we dare say it? Christmas is coming!

Are you an independent shop, most likely depending on the Christmas trade to recover what has been a rollercoaster of a year? If so, Universal Web Design may be able to help. 

The High Street

This time last year, the high street would be getting ready for the Christmas boom. Remember the days of bundling in from the frosty weather, into warm department stores, whilst shop assistants flog those smelly freebies on you. Sadly, it looks as though Christmas 2020 is set to be a bit different. Face masks and social distancing have taken effect and the bustling streets of late night shopping are predicted to be far quieter than previous. 

With this in mind, what does that mean for your independent business? Just like many businesses, shops are struggling to stay afloat. Considering alternative outlets for your customers to reach you is most certainly worth a thought. 


The high street may be struggling, but it looks as though online shopping is quite the opposite. Online sales have been increasing over the years, with online says now accounting for nearly one fifth of the country’s retail sales.

£10 GPB NotesOnline sales for the 2nd quarter of 2020 were not faring well, with a dip of 9.5% in sales compared to quarter ones sales. However, post lockdown, sales are on the increase. In June 2020, the UK saw a 13.9% increase of retail sales compared to May. Figures are still lower than yearly comparisons, however it looks as though whilst the high street footfall becomes lower than ever before, online shopping is not fairing as badly. 

With such figures in mind, many businesses are looking to move their products into online retail. By offering e-commerce as an additional or sole revenue for sales, shops are able to increase their potential network of customers whilst still being able to offer the full variety of their range. As sole revenue, e-commerce has been found to be far more cost effective, with savings in departments such as rent, by being able to move off the high street. 

Universal Web Design is a leading web design company. We are able to produce a website to display all of your products, creating easy purchasing for your customers through e-commerce. Our website design experts are able to produce a well branded, easily navigational website, allowing your customers to purchase their favourite items within the comfort of their own homes. 

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