Email Marketing and Brand Familiarity – Get Known

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Unassigned

Email Marketing is an essential tool to help generate your brand and become well known and more widespread, as long as you are expanding your contacts and making the most of your online email marketing platform.

“Throughout Christmas and New Year I was bombarded with emails from companies known and unknown to me, my eyes clocking all the names and subjects I might be interested in. I scrolled down, opening the ones that appealed to me and deleting the ones that didn’t – you see, I didn’t need them at the time, but one day, I would…”

Email Marketing For Brand Recognition

From your first email campaign, with just tens of contacts, you’ll be honing your brand, creating a style and an image that you want your company to project and begin to extend your ‘brand reach’. The way you deliver your message to clients speaks volumes about who you want to sell to, what you’re selling, which age group is most appropriate – there are many other facets to consider but the main and most important aspect when using email marketing is making your brand familiar and recognisable in order to gain positive action – Get this right and you will be remembered.

As your contact list grows, so will your client base and you can keep an eye on your email campaigns, working out which email subjects are more popular than others – as it is a work in progress – and which of your contacts are more interested in you than others. The main point to remember is that not everyone will need what your brand has to offer at any given time, but to be the first company your recipients think of when they, or someone they know, needs exactly what you have to offer – that’s being successful – that’s what brand reach and familiarity is all about.

At Universal Web Design our Email Marketing brings us a high level of enquiries from interested parties, asking about the subject related to the email campaign we have highlighted. We then measure the results and find the campaign has been highly cost effected.

We have a range of Email Marketing Packages for any size company wishing to grow their brand, boost sales, connect with existing clients and generate fresh leads. We always look for relevant content for engagement and no matter what industry your company is in, we’ll find a voice, an image to suit you and the content will flow.

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