Email Marketing Services at UWD

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Unassigned

Does your business’s marketing strategy involve email marketing?

If the answer is no, your business is missing the chance to reach potential consumers. Email marketing can reach a vast number of subscribers, landing an interesting, informative email straight into their inbox. 

Why is email marketing effective?

If you think about it, how often do you keep your phone directly next to you? If you don’t, it’s never too far away. For most, an email alert pops up on your home screen.  There are very few marketing outlets that reach your target market as directly as email marketing. 

Email marketing differs from the likes of SMS marketing, or social media posts, of which both have the same direct reach to an audience. With e-shots, the content and design is completely in your hands. With other marketing outlets, a word count is often limiting and there’s little room for branding. 

How can the email marketing services at Universal Web Design help?

Email marketing should involve a strategy:

Which audience are you emailing? How to direct the audience to the right page
What’s the topic How often should an e-shot be sent?
How will the consumer be drawn in


The experts at Universal Web Design use the AIDA model, along with their knowledge of email programming to look after your email marketing campaign. The email marketing services at Universal Web Design ensure your emails have structure and thought behind the design and content.

By creating back-office links, we are able to direct your potential consumers to a relevant, useful page on your website. By using email marketing services, your emails won’t only be attractive and useful to the reader, but they will be consistent and sent up to 6 times a month. 

The email marketing services at Universal Web Design vary depending on the package in question. The ‘Bronze’ package offers one email a month, whereas the premium package ‘Platinum Plus’ contains 6 emails per month. 

For further information regarding the email marketing services on offer at Universal Web Design, visit our website today. Alternatively, contact a friendly member of our team on 01206 588 000.