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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Service is most definitely something that you want to consider when it comes to keeping in touch with your current and past customer base. It is an incredible way to ensure that your customers remain loyal to you and continue that relationship with them that began when they first discovered what you have to offer them.

It does not cost a great deal to send emails. It is a completely low-cost option that will easily pay for itself. All you need is the email addresses of customers who wish to opt in to the service. All you are really paying for is the email marketing system you use as well as any email marketing provider. So much cheaper than all those postage stamps, am I right?

Your audience already likes and is loyal to your brand. Why not take advantage of this and provide them with exclusive offers to ensure their loyalty?

It is incredibly easy to get started and straight forward. Once you have a basic template designed then all you really need to do is alter the content.

It is also incredibly easy to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. Many email marketing services offer reports on how each email did. How many people opened it and such. This can provide you with valuable data on what is working about your campaigns and what would need to change to become truly effective. It can also provide you with information on any customers that are not interested in the services anymore.

Email marketing is a service that is incredibly useful and effective. It is easy to use and keeps your business in the minds of people you know have desired and want your product and/or services. This is a chance to reach a global audience! People from all over the world could subscribe to your email campaigns and the result would be having no location limit on your business!

Universal Web Design has a team of expert email marketers who will work with you to ensure that your campaigns look and read the way that you want them to. Let us take that off of your shoulders and let us handle your email marketing with our email marketing services. Get in touch today! Email us at, call us on 01206 588 000 or even visit our website on