Email Marketing

Have you heard about email marketing?

Are you intrigued?

Would you like an email marketing service?

Universal Web Design can offer you this!

Universal Web Design are a web design company who cater to businesses’ needs. Although based in Colchester beside the University of Essex, our clients are located around the country. With over 400 clients, our focus is on you. Regardless of your company’s size, we want to be your digital marketing team. Our many services include web design, online marketing, video production, graphics and more.

Within our online marketing we offer an email marketing service. Have you heard about email marketing?

Our email marketing service supplies communication between the provider and client. Simply put, it is an easy, hassle-free convenient way to advertise and market your business to existing and new clients. It is also a great way to attract clients to your company!

At Universal Web Design, we are the experts. We know what sells. Our service means we can create as many as 6 emails per month! We are very passionate about getting our services right. Therefore, we specifically ask our customers what they would like to include in their emails. From there, we tailor expectations to their business. Meanwhile, our experts create a draft, send it to you, re-calibrate if needed and send it back. Ultimately, the process continues until you, the customer, are satisfied. We want everything to be exactly as you envision.

In addition to allowing clients to receive more traffic and sales, email marketing is a great way for your company to keep existing clients informed. It can also drive repeat traffic back to your website. Today, there are over 205 billion emails received and sent daily. That is what makes this service so successful for all businesses!

Contact Universal Web Design on 01206 588 000 or send an email to: Visit our website for more information!