Email Support

Getting your Emails Setup

Desktop – Thunderbird

We recommend using ThunderBird because of its ease of use! you can effortlessly work with multiple email accounts at the same time with the easy to use interface, you also need not worry about your IMAP/POP3/SMTP ports and information as Thunderbird picks them up for you!


Installing Thunderbird


Installing Thunderbird

After you have opened the file, you will see the usual download screen, all you need to do is follow the on-screen prompts and the software will be installed, you should see an icon on your desktop to open if it doesn’t open already.

Either way you have successfully downloaded Thunderbird and are now ready to use it!

Downloading Thunderbird

To start using Thunderbird, you will need to download it, which couldn’t be any easier! simply go to and you will be greeted with a home page that has a download button, click that to proceed to the next step.


Using Thunderbird





Adding more accounts


Adding and managing multiple email accounts is a fairly simple process, first you right click on the email you already made and then go settings, from there you will see a mail actions button, clicking on that will bring a dropdown and you click “Add new mail account” which will open the same boxes as before, and the process is the exact same!

Once this is done you should be able to effectively manage and work with both email accounts at the same time.

Adding an Account

Adding your first account on Thunderbird couldn’t be any easier! when you open the application it will pick up that you have no mail accounts and give you the option of making one or clicking that you already own one, since we have an email account we say we already own one.

We will now be shown a screen where we can input our name and login details and then click next, Thunderbird will automatically pick up your server info and so you can click “Done” again and now you are finished! you have set up your email address to work through Thunderbird.


Mobile – Mail App

If you have your emails with us and need help with setup please see our video on the left for a step by step tutorial. Please replace the email used with the email provided by us.

Mobile Mail App

Mobile – BlueMail

We recommend using Bluemail for mobile for the same reason we recommend Thunderbird for desktop, major ease of use, fantastic features like the unified inbox (all your email accounts can have one inbox for all their emails, great for ease of use) and the ability to easily pick up our server settings, all for the price of free!


Installing BlueMail

Blue Mail

Downloading and installing BlueMail

Due to the app being free and available on all major platforms, you will just search for “BlueMail” in your respective app store, our example being with android, but the app download and install will be the same idea and the rest of the tutiorial is compatible with all platforms.

Using BlueMail





Setting up multiple accounts

Getting multiple email accounts setup on Bluemail couldn’t be easier, you press the top-middle button that shows what email you are currently using which will bring down a drop down box, press the ellipses which will bring up an overlay with a button to sign into another account, from here it will be the same as before, and after you can take advantage of the unified inbox!


Making an account

To set up your email account all you need to do is open the app, click other account and then other again, you will then be greeted with a login prompt, login with your information and like Thunderbird, Bluemail will pick up the server config and set your account up!