Emerging Social Media Trends

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Unassigned

With the growth of social media, there is also the growth and fall of many trends. Since the lockdown in the pandemic multiple social media sites have been on the rise, shaping their algorithms to suit viewers, which grasps their attention for longer. In this blog we will be discussing the recent trends in social media, and how they can potentially help businesses to appeal more to their target market.

Shorter videos:

With the rise of Chinese social media app Tiktok, there has been a rise within short snappy 15 second videos. Many children and young people have been shaped to Tiktok due to the app being made for younger audiences. This is causing other social media apps to join this bandwagon and implement features such as Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, helping creators to make shorter and snappier content to entice viewers.

Tiktok is a great marketing app as it allows creators to add in different hashtags as well as using popular sounds, which can help to appeal to your target audience. Shorter videos are more likely to get viewers interested within the products and services you are offering, making them more likely to convert to your company.


Liking and commenting on content you find enjoyable has been a feature found in social media for years, but now there is a rise in sharing content. This sharing can help companies to get an increase in views, due to communities passing around the content and products to each other. Therefore it can make finding potential customers easier, and also helping companies spend less on marketing overall.

Longer Videos / Livestreams / Podcasts:

Whilst shorter videos have been on the rise, there has also been a rise in live streaming content, such as Twitch and Kick. These platforms allow creators to actively connect with their viewers in real time, providing gameplay, tutorials and behind the scenes content. Viewers can also send in gifts and donations, in turn receiving exclusive content and emotes exclusive to that channel. This can help many in pitching products to audiences, receiving in-time feedback, helping companies to make any changes to help to appeal to their audience.

Podcasts are increasing in popularity due to their easy accessibility from any device. This allows people to listen whilst completing work, without getting distracted like they would when watching videos. This platform can also be a cost-effective method for many businesses, as well as helping them to educate potential customers about your industry, products or services in an informative and engaging way. Podcasts are also a great platform to review products, receiving in depth reviews that you may not find covered elsewhere.

AI Powered Tools:

The increase in social media has also been the increase in AI generated content. AI can be a powerful tool, from helping people create logos and photo content, to captions. Whilst this AI is not perfected as of yet, there is definitely an increase in its use, saving marketing teams large amounts of time. There is also an increase in AI in photo editing tools, with many content creators using it to enhance their photos, change backgrounds and alter features.

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