Engage Clients with Effective Copywriting

by | May 2, 2015 | Unassigned

Content is important, sure, but no-one ever talks about why. Why is it such a useful and effective tool? Copy can affect moods, sway opinion and influence buying habits, but in the end, it all comes down to one thing: effective engagement. You could create three pages of copy, filled to the brim with stats, facts, and essential information, but none of that makes a difference if the reader loses interest after the first paragraph.

A good copywriter sets out to engage the audience, whether that’s a client, or a client’s customer. It takes time, and the process of engagement begins before the actual writing takes place. Throughout this process it’s important to have several factors on your mind at all times: who your audience are, what the topic is, what the product is, and it’s unique selling point. And each word must have meaning – you can’t just throw any old adjective or verb in there to fill a word count, otherwise you’ll lose your reader in seconds. These seem like simple and obvious elements, but many breeze over them, without giving them the full attention to detail they deserve. These are the foundations to engaging copywriting.

To create a piece that informs, persuades and engages, all in just 700 words, is a challenge, and one which any copywriter worth their salt will always rise to. But copywriting is a key element in creating an online presence – whether that be for an individual, or a business. It moulds your image and conveys your message, whilst also attracting someone new to your topic.

In a digital age this skill has never been more crucial.

Thankfully, you don’t need to have the time nor the patience to create good content if you’re a busy business-owner. Outsourcing all of this to a digital agency such as Universal Web Design saves time and money, and can often achieve better results. Your assigned marketing manager works in conjunction with you and your business to ensure the right message is being heard loud and clear.

These agencies have the skills and experience to gauge the engagement of the content they’re publishing on your behalf, using SEO testing to ensure your posts get as much reach as possible. And content doesn’t have to stop at the website level – Universal Web Design produces copy for e-mail marketing and social media updates. To find out more about the packages we offer, click here.

With a strategy and a plan, a purpose to your writing, and consideration for every single word you type, content will engage and reach current and potential clients, and can only spell good news for you or your business.