New Estate Agent Website Design For Visual International

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Unassigned

Estate Agent Website Design

Visual International is a professional service that have been specialising in buying property oversees for the past 15 years. Visual International aims to take out the stress and frustration of buying overseas but instead make the purchase a more “pleasurable experience”. Visual International has an absolutely stunning website courtesy of Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency providing web design in Colchester through affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services which help businesses reach their true potential.

The Visual International website is a masterpiece of design incorporating simplicity, professionalism and effortless usability. On the home page you are greeted with a slide show of property images that look absolutely stunning! This is the sort of images we all have in our minds when we visualise that dream property. Also on the home screen is a search tool that allows users to narrow down properties by location, type, number of beds and number of baths – a great feature incorporated by Universal Web Design’s search engine optimisation services. At the bottom of the webpage there are some useful links and contact details which is very handy as the navigation bar does not move down as you scroll down, so it is nice to see some good common sense and a well thought out design by Universal Web Design which makes the user experience that more trouble-free.

Universal Web Design have pretty much thought of everything when designing this website as they have incorporated their Facebook, Twitter and Skype and more into a clever little widget at the top which will allow you to stay in contact with Visual International and make it effortless to have any question answered. One of the best features of Visual International is the “map” feature. In this feature you are able to see where these properties are located on a world map. The reason why this feature is so good is because it caters perfectly to those of us that are just “curious” and “looking around”. This is also a very potent tool for turning prospects into clients as they might just see something they like from this interactive browsing experience. Here we get to see the profit maximising potential,

which Universal Web Design’s web design packages hold.

Another great feature incorporated by Universal Web Design is the ease to which customers have access to relevant information on the Visual International website. For someone that has no experience in buying property abroad it can be very daunting. This is why there is an information section about the “buying process” which helps potential clients better understand the process and therefore buy with confidence. With Universal Web Design’s affordable small business website design packages Visual International has an outstanding website that would get you interested even if you weren’t to begin with. When looking for website design in Colchester; Universal Web Design’s affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services is without a doubt an essential to have to make any business more accessible and attractive to its target market but also create a captivating first impression that will live up to the quality of the business and leave customers impressed with professionalism and effortless usability of your website.