Does Your Company Facebook Page Need Improvement?

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Unassigned

The build up to Christmas time is finally here and with that brings the final few moments of the calendar year coming to a close. It may have been a year full of ups and downs, but was it more success than failure for your business online? How did your Facebook page contribute for instance? The answers into all things Facebook company pages are something that the experts at Universal Web Design can help you with!

If you’re currently experiencing a very low number of likes, with next to no-one talking about your brand, then you’ve got some work to do – so, how can you improve your Facebook business page?

First things first, Social Media on any form of platform takes time to see any kind of return. Just because Santa can turn up in the middle of the night with a sleigh full of presents, doesn’t mean there will be a similar overnight enjoyment of page likes, followers or sales from it.

Instead, it’s digital agencies such as us at Universal, who can invest the time to engage with potential customers over social media, which requires patience and long term thinking with a strategy in place. Anything that is worthwhile takes time and focused effort to build and maintain.

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Is your Facebook company page consistent with your branding?

Branding is simply massive online. We live in a digital age where your Facebook page and all Social Media platforms are vitally important to getting your name, face and anything else out there! Furthermore, your company’s online brand can be thought of as your reputation online, so it’s important to be consistent and professional. You can do this by using your brand or business logo as a profile picture or using imagery relates to your brand’s product and/or service.

What’s the strategy behind your Social Media campaign?

Without a strategy in place for your Social Media platforms, then you’ll have difficulty achieving what you set out from the beginning for your business online. You need to ask yourself what your goal is, what you want your Facebook page to do for your business – Get more likes? Increase brand awareness? Increase sales? In fact, it can consist of all these goals; however, you need to be very clear from the outset, this is why with a professional UWD eye, we can help you fly in the right direction with reports and tactics shared with you in full.

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A short but sweet status update

While you want to be talking a lot about what your business offers on your Facebook business page, the content should be short but sweet updates. Why? We’ve seen a lot of Facebook business pages that focus on posting long-winded, boring and unrelated content. When people come to your Facebook page, they are looking for interesting and fun content. As mentioned our strategies cater for this, with videos relating to a product or service you sell, industry related articles, company news, images, events, special offers and much more. But ultimately, sometimes less is more. Short but sweet really is the way!

In addition, one of the main reasons your customers will visit your Facebook page is because of the content you have on there. If you don’t post any new content then nobody will visit your Facebook page – they’ll either think the business no longer exists or doesn’t keep up with current trends etc.

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Good content is often shared on Facebook, and every shared status. image or video means more exposure for your business. However, we understand it’s hard to be regular every day with your posting, to see real engagement on your Facebook page, ideally you want to be posting between one to three updates a day. Thankfully, here at Universal, we have in-house Social Media Managers who have experience, know-how and the tricks to get your Facebook and other Social Media pages performing to a high standard through our management and advertising packages (which you can view here)

Contact us today on 01206 588 000, where you can speak directly to the team, whether it be advice or expressing an interest in our packages, we’re more than happy to help you today! Alternatively, you can email Universal Web Design via