Five Benefits Of Owning A Larger Website

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Five Benefits of Owning A Larger Website

Many businesses have asked what the benefit of owning a larger website is; subsequently, we wanted to address this question within this article; Five Benefits of Owning A Larger Website. This is to not only help those who have asked, but to also educate those with websites which do not consist of lots of pages.

Most businesses select a small website package to save costs.

This is fine if your aim is to simply have an online presence.


However, if you wish to:

  • Generate more traffic through search engines such as Google
  • Enhance your online marketing performance
  • Save time and increase conversion rates

Then you will need to consider investing slightly more into the size of your website.

Most web design companies do not have a marketing department, subsequently; they have a focus on design, which is fine, if you want a pretty online presence. Most companies want this, although, in addition to looking good online, they want to sell their products and services effectively through the Internet. For this to be achieved, you will need a website with dedicated pages which sell your services and products effectively.

Too often we see businesses trying to sell multiple services within one page, and this simply does not work. You need to expand upon what it is you are offering. Each page needs to act as a conversion tool which utilises the AIDA model of:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

If you do not have dedicated pages, you are undoubtedly missing out on new sales.

At Universal Web Design, you are under no pressure to order a larger website, however, as a reputable and trusted provider, we must inform all businesses of the benefits of owning a larger website. The choice is always yours.

1 – Greater Website Traffic
Most businesses are unaware that almost all successful websites consist of many pages. Small business owners typically select and order a small website package, which in turn results in far less natural search traffic compared to their competitors. We want to help and educate business owners of the benefits of a larger website, enabling you to then make an informed decision. Essentially, the more pages your website consists of, the more natural search traffic you are likely to receive. Want more customers visiting your website? Paying for more pages is a very cheap means of achieving this.

2 – Better Search Rankings
Almost every business owner is unaware of this, however, Google ranks each page of a website and not just the home page. Subsequently, each page is indexed by Google, resulting in you owning a greater share across all search engines. Furthermore, Google ranks each page of a website based upon relevance first and foremost. Therefore, with dedicated pages, you will not only benefit from greater natural search traffic, but also benefit from enhanced search rankings of each page within the search results pages (SERPs).

3 – Enhanced Marketing
We all offer various services and products, however, businesses seem to believe that someone looking for blue socks will also want jeans and a jumper, or someone wanting online security will also want a new computer and an Internet based telephone. Whilst a very small percentage of people may buy this way, everyone else will not. Businesses often dilute important messages by including too much information within one page. For optimal results, it is essential that each page of your website focuses on one service or product.

4 – Increased Engagement
It is proven that attention is hard to gain and easily lost online. Do not fall into the trap many businesses have fallen into; by believing you need to sell everything within one page. Whilst the average website visitor leaves a web page within circa 7 seconds, this is mostly due and related to those with websites which compile lots of different information within one page. Dedicated pages help you direct users to pages of interest to them. Visitors stay on pages with information they were interested in and are expecting to see. Do not confuse customers or lose them through information overload. Explain and entice customers into using your services or products.

5 – Higher Conversion Rates
It is very important that all website visitors are taken on a journey through each web page. First of all, you need to grab the visitor’s attention, you then need to entice and woo customers with the solution you are able to offer. Finally, you must make it clear, fast and easy for customers to buy or enquire. This is ultimately the power and possibilities of dedicated pages.

If you have an existing website that you would like us to expand or you are interested in having a new website built; please give Universal Web Design a call on 01206 588 000 as it would be a pleasure to answer any questions you have, and to run through options with you. Please note that there is never an obligation to buy, you are in control of this decision, we are here once you are ready. We simply want to help more businesses generate more enquiries and sales through the internet as this almost always results in more work for us.


Thank-you for reading our article on the Five Benefits of Owning A Larger Website and we look forward to hearing from you,


The Universal Web Design Team