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Fixed Fee SEO

Are you tired of your competitors coming up before you on google?
Want a no-fuss way to rank higher?
With Fixed Fees?

If the answer is yes look no further no matter where you are in the UK or even further afield. Universal web design has fixed fee SEO packages tailored to suit your needs. Universal web design is a digital marketing company currently based in Lowestoft after expanding from Colchester. Our main focus and aim are to expand and help all businesses grow their online presence and create a brand for you that will never disappear. 


What is search engine optimisation?

It’s a highly important strategy that will make your business grow as it is simply an active way of ensuring your website can be found in search engines for words and key phrases relevant to what the site is offering. In a lot of ways, it is simply quality control. Ranking highly for search terms which are known as keywords increases visibility which leads to a high number of visitors to the website


Why do you need search engine optimisation?

As business owners you need to have a plan in place to promote your business and reach out to new clients and SEO should be part of that plan. SEO leads generated from SEO close at an average of 15% which is 12% higher than the conversion rates for outbound leads. SEO ensures blog posts get found and drive traffic in that way.


Universal Web design:

Arguably SEO is one of the best ways to connect with targeted customers and share whatever the site is offered. This is not just a straightforward process but here, at universal web design, we have a team of experts in place to do all of this for you. We work with you to create keywords that ensure your website will be ranked higher when used. We also do a competitor analysis where we see how your website is ranking next to these other sites. And send out monthly reports on how well the keywords are ranking and what the traffic is like on-site.

Packages and Fixed Fee SEO:
  • Bronze = 15 keywords and £150.00
  • Silver = 25 Keywords and £240.00
  • Gold =  35 keywords and £330.00
  • Platinum = 45 keywords and £465.00 
  • Platinum Plus = 60 keywords and £690.00

The more keywords used the higher ranked you will be with more relevant content. No-fuss and Fixed Fee SEO, there’s no better time than to use Universal web design to build up your business. To get in contact with a friendly team member please contact us on 01206 588 000.