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Online Marketing Planning SessionComplimentary Online Marketing Planning Session

Another year, new years resolutions, new ideas, new desires, but do you have an online marketing plan? If not, the team at Universal Web Design can help with the Free online marketing planning session we offer. We make planning your online marketing for the new year simple and easy.

Customer Value

Before a marketing plan or budget can be set, you need to know how much your average customer is worth. Use this simple calculation to identify your average customer value:

Average Spend x Frequency x Retention = More Than You Thought
The average customer value for a hairdresser is £3,600, subsequently, marketing is very cost effective for all businesses.

Marketing Budget

Once the average value of your customers is identified, you will soon realise the importance of marketing and what your marketing budget should be. For instance, using the social media marketing services that Universal Web Design provides, a hairdresser can employ our services for over 4 and an accountant, over 12 years, before only one sale is needed to break even.This is why almost all businesses who have invested into marketing invest more each year!

Online Marketing Planning Session

All businesses need a marketing plan, even if only a low budget is set. Universal Web Design is looking to work with and help more businesses grow, subsequently, we are offering Free online marketing planning sessions to all businesses throughout January & February in 2016. It’s best to call 01206 588 000 now to avoid disappointment.

Why Are We Offering Free Online Marketing Planning Sessions?

Businesses who earn more, spend more. This is why we want to work with and help more businesses get an online marketing plan in place. Simply call 01206 588 000 to book your complimentary planning session.