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Free Website Audit

From Universal Web Design

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As business owners, we all want our websites to rank top within search results and this is very possible, however, you need to know how. At Universal Web Design, we lead the way when it comes to search engine optimisation and you are in safe hands with us managing your online affairs. For instance, most are unaware that where your website ranks within the search results is not pot-luck, but an algorithmic calculation based upon your website, online marketing and link portfolio rating. Very few web designers will know how to ensure your website ranks top within search as they are only ‘designers’ after all. Our online marketing experts now how to build and grow the online presence of any business and this starts by understanding what is wrong with your existing website and addressing those issues.

When it comes to assessing a website, most designers will compare the design of one website with another, when in fact, the design of your website has little bearing on where your website will rank within Google. You must remember that it is a computerised algorithm that compares one website with another and design is not a tangible factor for search engines to use. Similar to comparing a BMW 3 Series with another BMW 3 Series, you might prefer the BMW in Red, over the one in Blue, however, we all know that the color of the car will have no bearing as to which will be quickest off the line and the same is true for websites.

With cars, we can compare the acceleration, engine size, top speed, braking and handling of one car with one another to assess which is best. Similar statistics are used to compare websites, but instead of car related factors, we use website related factors which include but are not limited to; load times, responsiveness, pages, link profile, content, social presence and much much more as these are tangible factors that search engines can and do use to rank websites.

At Universal Web Design, we can provide you with a free assessment of your website, a factual audit that will help you understand what issues you have with your website. To receive your free website audit which will highlight the good and the bad relating to your online presence, simply provide us with your: website address, company name and the search term you would most like to rank top within Google for. Provide us with your email address and the report will be sent to your inbox, as soon as your website audit is complete. It is that easy!

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