Happy 9th Birthday

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Unassigned

For Universal Web Design, our 9th birthday is a momentous one. Our 9 year anniversary is not simply another year ticked off, but the year of change for Universal Web Design. 

The History of Universal Web Design

Since 2011, UWD has come a long way. The founder of UWD, Danny Nevill used his experience of web design, combined with his knowledge of international and global business demands to create Universal Web Design. A company designed to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their online presence through digital marketing. 

With the idea of helping businesses achieve their goals and conquer the world, Danny was able to produce a business which over time has gained over 200 5 star reviews and become a local leader for web development. 

Throughout the past 9 years, over 600 businesses have chosen Universal Web Design. UWD has multiple packages available, covering a variety of digital and marketing requirements, from web design to video production. If your business requires the aid of digital design or marketing, the qualified team at UWD will be able to help. 

The Future for Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design has been located within the Knowledge Gateway for the past 9 years, enabling us to create a base to become a leading web design company in Essex. The two-story office has seen the creation of hundreds of projects from the 32 services available. 

The recent launch of the new Universal Web Design offices in Lowestoft is monumental to the business. Not only do our new offices give us the opportunity to grow Universal Web Design, but the ability to offer employment to the local community. By creating employment within a new area,

Universal Web Design is able to benefit the local community whilst being accessible by a new market area. Just as we have in Essex, Universal Web Design hopes to become a leading digital design company for Suffolk.

The future of the ever-growing business is looking bright (orange!). We are excited for what is entailed for Universal Web Design and our clients. We firmly believe that the future sees not only growth for us, but for our clients through excellent products, delivered by impeccable customer service.

For further information on the services and packages on offer by Universal Web Design, visit our website

Here’s to the prosperous future for Universal Web Design!